Hossá La Vista Baby


Every team has a player that is always there, one player that goes into each season and just puts in work. A player that doesn’t need the overwhelming adulation of the fans or praise from the media, they just get on the ice and they do their job no matter what.

Marian Hossá is one of those men.

In his 8-years with the Blackhawks he has managed some incredible statistics (GP 534 G 186 A 229 PTS 415) but sadly, due to a progressive skin disorder, Hossá is no longer able to play the game he loves, and the NHL is going to be a sadder place because of it.

Anyway, enough of me blubbering like a baby and onto the details of this whopping 7-player trade and the reasoning behind it.

Chicago have traded away Marian Hossá, Vincent Hinostroza, Jordan Oesterle and a 3rd round pick in the 2019 draft and in return they get Marcus Kruger, MacKenzie Entwistle, Jordan Maletta, Andrew Campbell and a 5th round pick in the 2019 draft.

Now, getting the extra players to flesh out the roster is always going to be a plus point and the return of Marcus Kruger is sure to please a few fans (GP 398 G 33 A 72 PTS 105) as he can fill a hole on the 4th line and is a useful utility player.

The main reason for the trade though is that by dealing Hossá’s rights to the Coyotes, the Blackhawks are able to clear the 39-year-old’s $5.275-million contract hit for the three remaining seasons left on his current deal. Hossá, who signed a 12-year contract with Chicago in 2009, was placed on long-term injured reserve in October 2017 after the team revealed he was suffering from a progressive skin condition which forced him to step away from the game.

It’s confusing I know.

We wish you well Marian and I hope you make a recovery and enjoy your retirement, you’ve been a fantastic player and I have always been a huge fan of yours.

Thanks for everything!

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