Wölfes are coming to Dundee

On the 1st and 2nd of September, the Dundee Stars will welcome EHC Freiburg of the German DEL2 league for a double header at the Dundee Ice Arena.

EHC Freiburg were founded in 1984, debuting in the 2nd Bundisliga (which would be renamed DEL2 in the years to come) during the 85/86 season, they would constantly bounce back and fourth between tiers and have made top flight hockey to the DEL during the 03/04 season but would be relegated in the same season.

Freiburg come to Dundee coming off a bad season finishing 12th and escaping relegation in the 17/18 DEL2 playouts. Dundee and Freiburg are two teams who are on the rebuild and looking to build up teams that will perform better than their last respective seasons  and though this is just a friendly, this will be a great opportunity for both teams to make statements for all to see.

Coach Pacha commented during the announcement of the pre-season friendlies

“We are extremely excited to be welcoming EHC Freiburg to Dundee. We had different opportunities to test ourselves against local teams however felt it would be more beneficial to take on a continental side”

Nikolas Linsenmaier The 24 year old homegrown Centre, led the team in points last season racking up a total of 51 contributing 19 goals and 32 assists. Frieberg has been his only team since juniors and outperformed the imports. He will be the one to watch.





Along with this fantastic double header, Dundee will be dawning special jerseys to mark the occasion giving a nod to their visitors. There has as of yet been no mention to whether these special jerseys will be available for sale.


Tickets for these games will be on sale shortly and can be purchased from HERE.

If you’re not able to make the game, you can stream the game HERE.




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