SeguIN or SeGone?

As Ice Hockey fans, everyone has their favourite teams and within those teams, everyone has their favourite players. For me, my favourite Dallas Stars player is Tyler Seguin.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, I only like him for his looks. You’re actually wrong. I like him for his gameplay. He’s a strong, fast player and goes out of his way to provide aid in every situation thrown his way, a true asset to the Stars, so you can imagine my panic at not hearing anything about his re-signing.

Seguin has played a grand total of five seasons with the Stars, four of which he has played as an Alternate Captain alongside Jason Spezza, Alexander Radulov and John Klingberg. This season Seguin also reached his 40 goal mark and is already a multi-time All Star. It’s also abundantly clear that Seguin wants to stay with his team, calling Dallas his ‘home’;

“I love it here. My objective is I want to win a championship here. I love Dallas, it’s home to me. So that’s my No. 1 goal.”*

As negotiations continue, and new signings are dropped, what kind of deal would Karlsson approach Seguin with? This is a business after all, and, in the hope that this is an eight-year deal, could we be looking at a signing exceeding Jamie Benn’s current $9.5 million per season? Has anyone else offered Seguin a contract? Is he really coming back ‘home’? Elite Prospects seem to think so…

These are the questions that, as a fan, I hope are going to be answered very soon.

Seguin 2.jpg


* Quote take from

*Photographs from and


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