Forum All Stars 2018: An interview with Nic Vidler

This weekend sees the annual UK charity forum All-Star weekend hit the main pad at Ice Sheffield after spending the last two years at Ice Arena Wales. Chasing the Puck sat down with one of the eight team captains, Nic Vidler, to talk about the event and what it means to her.

Tell us about your hockey background first of all Nic.

I support Braehead Clan, which has now been renamed Glasgow Clan, I started following them the end of season one. I wasn’t too sure about ice hockey but a friend persuaded me to go along, it was fast paced and I saw my first hockey fight which got me hooked.

When and where did you first learn to skate?

I first learned to skate when I was about 12,13 at the Motherwell Aquatec, I threw myself into it after a few basic lessons. The first time I was on the ice unaided I fell: skinting my hands, knees and chin. My mum vowed I’d never go back, I went back the next day then at least twice a week from then.

Until the local ice rink was closed down then nearest was the Time Capsule in Coatbridge. But I hadn’t taken up skating again for years! Really when the ice hockey hobby started again. Maybe 15 years later. 

When we’ve seen you play, you play D. Is that your natural role?

I’ve only tried to play forward once, I didn’t feel comfortable at all so D it was as I also like to wind up my opponents.

What persuaded you to play in All Stars?

I’d seen a friend play in All Stars before and heard about all the amazing work they do for the charities and how fun it is. That was 6 years ago! Never looked back after that.

Playing in it obviously gives you a buzz. How do you best describe it?

The fun part is the playing hockey or trying to in my case, you’d think after 5 years playing in All Stars I’d be better? Not the case as it’s really the only Hockey games I do.

And finally, can we expect you to continue with this amazing work for charity for a more years? If not, what are your next plans?

This is my final year, am hanging up the skates In All Stars Hockey terms. There’s plenty of people who’d like to take part and it would be all new and fun for them. I’ve possible surgery coming up and personally can’t commit to it each year, it’s a lot of cost and travel.

I’ll still sponsor some friends who may be in it again next year.

Thank you to Nic for giving her time up to do this small interview, and good luck all the people and the charities they are playing for this weekend ahead.

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