My NHL 18 Career Game: Episode 2 – Draft Time


Welcome back to the second episode of my NHL18 career game on the Xbox One (gamertag – hockeybhoy71 should anyone be interested) which I am going to share with you. What will happen next for our new to the professional ranks player? Only one way to find out.

Junior days are done with, and it’s time for the real deal. We enjoyed a decent junior campaign at Lethbridge, but to exit the Memorial Cup at the semi-final stage was a bit disappointing to say the least. They always say that if you have a strong Memorial Cup then you will get drafted high, very high indeed. Therefore we’re not expecting much after such a damp squib. Maybe second or third round if we’re lucky.

So we packed our bags from Lethbridge and headed south of the border to “The Windy City” as Chicago is commonly nicknamed. Checking into a hotel not far from the United Centre where the draft was to take place, we were a bag of nerves to be honest. Would anyone want to take a chance on an unknown Brit?

2017 NHL Draft logo

Predictably enough Nico Hischier went first to the club I follow; the New Jersey Devils. Just like real life. So where we go if anywhere? The day was almost over and I was preparing to head back to the hotel, and watch some nonsense on the many channels, we had heard nothing. Then…

“With the 30th selection of the 2017 NHL Draft, Nashville Predators take Mark Duell.”

My jaw dropped. Did David Poile really say my name just then? He did, he actually did. next minute I’m stood there on the stage with him, head coach Peter Laviolette and team captain Roman Josi. Pictures followed and there’s me the latest acquisition to the Predators franchise. We have been drafted! Now the hard work starts, time to start to make a name for ourselves.

Join us shortly for episode three as the fledging NHL career begins shortly. Can we make it?

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