Great Britain find out schedule ahead of next years World Championships

When Great Britain entered last years World Championships in Division 1A, it was expected they wouldn’t remain in the same group once the tournament is done.

What wasn’t expected would be the reason they were no longer a Division 1A team was because they managed to get promoted and return to the top flight for the first time since the early 90s, but that’s exactly what Neil Russell and his GB side managed to do.

GB shocked the group, defeating the pre-tournament favourites Slovenia on the opening day, finishing with four wins, including one in overtime with their only loss coming to eventual Bronze Medalists Kazakhstan in a 6 – 1 rout on day three of the tournament.

Great Britain are placed in Group A of the two group World Championships taking place in Slovakia next May, while the travelling fans will be booking their trips to Kosice as GB play out of the Steel Arena, with the Brits first game starting on May 11th.

Joining the Brits in Group A are some powerhouses of international hockey like Canada, USA and Finland, while they avoid last years champions Sweden who play in Group B next year.

Full schedule (all times local to Kosice)

May 11th – Germany V Great Britain – 4:15pm

May 12th Great Britain V Canada – 8:15pm

May 14th – Great Britain V Denmark – 4:15pm

May 15th – USA V Great Britain – 4:15pm

May 17th – Finland V Great Britain – 8:15pm

May 18th – Great Britain – Slovakia – 8:15pm

May 20th – France V Great Britain – 4:15pm

Featured image – Dean Woolley

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