Eric Neiley to MK Lightning

In a twist that’ll leave a lot of Steelers fans reeling, Eric Neiley has come out of retirement to suit up for the Buckinghamshire side.

Neiley was a fan favourite in Yorkshire and a huge number of Sheffield fans took to social media after he announced his retirement from hockey to wish him well.

However it seems that the 26 year old American seems not to have enjoyed ‘civilian’ life and he’s chosen to suit up again. He talked to the MK Lightning about his decision.

“I was working full time and wasn’t enjoying myself. I kept having doubts about whether I stopped playing too soon,” said Eric. “It’s not something I want to regret later on in life so I thought about it and talked with my family and realised I want to keep playing.

“I enjoyed my time in the UK last year so I wanted to come back to the league. I have the support of my family and my fiancée, that allows me to keep living my dream.

“Doug and I had a great connection right away. He explained his experience and the opportunity available in Milton Keynes. It’s an up and coming team in the league and I’m excited to be a part of it.”


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