Game Review|Fife Flyers v Manitoba Bison

Thursday night saw the first pre-season game for the Fife Flyers as they took on the University of Manitoba Bison.



In the first period both teams came out fast with some good play but both netminders were very good between the pipes and managed to stop everything that was throw at them.

During the first period the hitting was intense and there was at times some very big hits being thrown about, then just over the half way mark in the first new signing from the Devils Paul Crowder lit the lamp and the auld barn erupted.

Flyers had a few more chances as the Bison took a lot of penalties in the First period but near the end of the period the Bison broke out of their D zone and the Bison player managed to undress Shane Owen to make the score one goal apiece at the end of the first.

End of the 1st Fife 1 – 1 Manitoba

In the second period and again the big hits continued, and for most of the second period the Bison were on top putting huge amounts of pressure on the Flyers defence but the brick wall is back and Shane Owen kept the Flyers in it with some good saves, then near the end of the second period showed why the Fife faithful loved him with an utterly insane glove save and the crowd again went wild and started chanting his name and about midway through the period the Bison changed their goalie.

End of the 2nd Fife 1 – 1 Manitoba

Fife Flyers

Moving in to the final period and the Flyers tried everything to score and so did the Bison and Shane Owen again had to come up big a good few time and yet again another 2 fantastic glove hand saves but with 20 seconds remaining the Bison player got space in the slot and fired a perfect shot over Owens glove right in to the top corner to make it two goals to one to the Bison and that is how it finished.

Final Score: Fife 1 – 2 Manitoba

On the plus side tonight I think Fife will be fast physical team this year that can hit and play, Bulmer looks very good big solid player, Pinkston looks a good passer, all the new guys look good I think Gauthier had a good game as well and so did Schaber. I think we will have to wait and see how good we are at the back when we have our full complement of D men in and playing.

Overall not a bad performance but with the fitness and time to gel this team looks every bit as good as last years. the man of the match for both sides were the goalies they were the stand out players so Shane Owen pictured above and Dasan Sydora for the Bison.

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