Manchester Storm vs Nottingham Panthers Game 2

The Manchester Storm looked to get some revenge for the previous nights showing in Nottingham as they hosted the travelling Panthers in Altrincham.

Many people expected the Storm to start the game as they finished the last which ended up incredibly heated but it was Nottingham that found their way to the penalty box first with Lachowicz being called for tripping followed by Olsen for cross-checking.

The first real incident of the match came when new Storm goaltender Matt Ginn fell foul of the rules of the game, where if netminders can play the puck they should, rather than freeze it.

A rule that I think is absolutely pathetic and should be abolished, there are many reasons for the puck to be frozen and this is just opening up players for issues with injury and fatigue.

The first goal of the game came on the Nottingham power play as Hurtubise ripped one top shelf past the outstreched arm of Ginn.

The game then started to become more and more hard fought with both teams recieving coinciding penalties, Moffat and Lepine for roughing and Panther’s Lee with a two minute minor for cross-checking. This left the Storm on the power play but Garnett was too strong for the Manchester team to beat and the teams went back to full strength with no change in the score.

With only four short seconds left in the first period, Panthers conceded a two plus ten penalty, with Biggs sitting in for boarding, quite a dangerous moment in the game.

Manchester came out like a team possessed in the second and finally broke down Garnett when Linden Springer connected on a one timer from Richardson.

The Storm had their next big opportunity when the Panthers received penalties for Henderson and Rissling for hooking and holding.

Sadly they were unable to convert and the next goal came when Nottingham broke away and Kovacs gave them the advantage, the grosse point native struck again picking up a rebound from Hurtubise and Guptill.

The second period saw the Manchester goalkeeper face 19 shots but despite this, the Storm decided to switch to their other goalie Pacl and just a few moments in he was bested by Guptill who slotted home the Panthers fourth goal with assists from Kovacs and Hurtubise.

The final ten minutes of the match saw tempers explode as both lines on the ice went at it, piling up. Both teams got coincidental penalties, with Storm’s Moffat and Stadel and Panthers, Lepine and Lee, in the box for roughing at 50:59. Byers, who originally conceded a penalty for delayed hit, followed by another two for unsportsmanlike conduct, was escorted off the ice for the remainder of the game. Springer sat in the box at 51:35, for delay of game, making it a four on three penalty kill . Just as Storm return to four skaters, Linsmayer received a minor for hooking. There were penalties handed out between both sides for the remainder of the game, with end to end hockey and the netminders not chancing anything.

The match was extremely rough with Manchester struggling through injuries, four of their starters recovering and Spiers currently icing for NIHL side, Sheffield Steeldogs.

Hopefully things will turnaround quick, a miracle would be nice!

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