Coventry add Crowder to the roster

In a late in the day move the Coventry Blaze have announced the signing of Tim Crowder from Chamonix.

Fans were left pondering who the mysterious signing could be as the Blaze posted a cryptic tweet earlier today.

Fans were suggesting it might have been a brother of Brendon Brooks and Coventry even played into that guess on their twitter.

Then came a titbit from head coach Danny Stewart, which further added fuel to the Brooks fire.

However, 5pm came and the announcement of Tim Crowder has left fans with mixed feelings. Perhaps the hype of Brooks, left them feeling like the wind had been taken out of their sails.

Crowder joins the team from French side Chamonix. Brother of Paul Crowder, Tim brings experience to the youthful Coventry Blaze.

Head coach Danny Stewart explains his choice. β€œTim’s poised with the puck and makes plays. He will certainly give us more scoring depth and make our powerplay better.”

Feature Image: Dijon Sports News

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