What are the Cardiff Devils and Team GB player ratings in NHL 19?

By the time some of you read this, this post might be completely irrelevant. But after playing a couple of hours of NHL 19 as part of the early access before the game launches in full on Friday, I noticed that the Champions Hockey League is still in the game, which I didn’t think it was this year, and I honestly don’t know if it will be when the full game launches.

But let’s hope it still is, because if the CHL remains in the final game, it means one Elite League team will be included in this year’s edition of the EA Sports game.

While the Cardiff Devils have narrowly been beaten in all four of their CHL games so far in this years campaign, they’re included on the game, with the real players on the active roster, so let’s have a look at how they are rated, and what player type they’ve been given.

Before we start, all of these ratings were correct at the time of writing with the latest roster update, these are unlikely to be the overalls through the entire year.

Layne Ulmer – 70 overall – 2 Way Forward
Mike Hedden – 69 overall – Sniper
Charles Linglet – 69 overall – Playmaker
Matt Pope – 64 overall – Grinder
Joey Haddad – 64 – Power Forward
Sean Bentivoglio – 63 – Sniper
Andrew Lord – 63 – Grinder (yes we know he’s retired)
Joey Martin – 63 – Sniper (yes we know he should be the highest rated)
Justin Faryna – 62 – 2 Way Forward
Stephen Dixon – 62 – Grinder
Jake Morissette – 60 – 2 Way Forward
Matt Myers – 59 – 2 Way Forward
Toms Rutkis – 58 – 2 Way Forward
Luke Piggott – 56 – Grinder

Mark Louis – 66 – Enforcer
Ben Blood – 64 -Enforcer
Gleason Fournier – 63 – 2 Way Defender
Bryce Reddick – 62 – 2 Way Defender
Mark Richardson – 61 – 2 Way Defender
Craig Moore – 58 – 2 Way Defender
Josh Batch – 57 – 2 Way Defender
Tom Parisi – Only joking, he’s not even in the game.

Ben Bowns – 64 – Hybrid goalie
Tom Murdy – 62 – Hybrid goalie
Jordan Lawday – 59 – Hybrid goalie.

That’s not where British representation in the game ends, on the current Team GB roster there are some additional faces to look out for (until EA release a roster update and you notice the ratings are different)

GB Forwards (excluding Devils because why waste the word count mentioning them twice)

Rob Lachowicz – 63 – 2 way forward
Oliver Betteridge – 59 – Grinder

GB Defence

Steve Lee – 61 – 2 way defender
Josh Tetlow – 53 – Defensive defenseman

GB Netminders

Sam Gospel – 64 – Hybrid goalie

I’m assuming the fact that all the additional EIHL players in the game being part of the Panthers is due to them being on the game last year as well.

It’ll be interesting to keep an eye on if the GB roster gets updated through the year and who makes it into the game.

For now though, Liam Kirk is absent from the game, but that’ll likely change when EA do their first big roster update after the release as he joins the Peterborough Petes of the Ontario Hockey League.

But what do you think of the ratings for the Devils and GB/Panthers players in this game? And which players not in the game would you like to see, and what rating would you give them?

Let us know on Social Media or in the comments section.

Featured image: CardiffDevils.com

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