Flyers v Stars 15th and 16th Sept

After last weekend’s Challenge Cup action and the Flyers managing a win and a loss, this week they travelled to Sheffield on Wednesday night in league action.

The Steelers took the lead through Matheson before the Flyers scored two goals in six minutes to take a 2-1 lead. The goal scorers were Birzins and Scaber. matheson got his second of the night and the steelers second to make it 2-2 only for pinkston to put fife back in front 2-3 with 8 minutes to go, pitt got the equalizer 2 minutes later and that is how the 60 minutes finished 3-3, in to overtime and 28 seconds in owens got the winner for the steelers to make the final score four goals to three to Sheffield after overtime. then this weekend it’s the Kitmart sponsored Dundee Stars.


The Stars have played a few friendlies and then last weekend played the reverse games to the Flyers, so on Saturday night they narrowly lost to the Giants but on Sunday they beat the Glasgow Clan. This Friday they play the Giants again before our double header.

THE ROSTER: Pontus Sjorgren, Craig Holland, Shawn Boutin, Petr Chaloupka, Connor Cox, Drydn Dow, Kris Inglis and Mike Sullivan, Johan Andersson, Matt Bissonnette, Francois Bouchard, Charles Corcoran, Jordan Cownie, Craig Carrigan, Brian Hart, Jordan Kelsall, Lukas Lundvald, Matt Marquradt and Fabrizio Ricci.

Last season versus Dundee: one win each in challenge cup group stage.

League: four wins each.

I Managed to get a short interview with head coach Omar Pasha ahead of this weekend’s games, and also my fellow Chasing The Puck buddy Jaq Inglis who is a Dundee fan had a couple of questions so I have added them on as well.


Can you sum up last season for the fans? I think you had a great second half of the season and got the city buzzing again about hockey?

“The second half was great we were having great results and the crowd base crew substantially.”

Where did you feel you have to make changes to the team from last year and do you feel you have the right guys in this year?

“We wanted to upgrade all 3 positions and I feel so far the guys are showing signs of becoming a good hockey team.”

I have seen highlights from your friendly games and the weekend games there I think you guys look good on puck, fast, feisty was this what you were looking for?

“Yes we wanted to add skills, speed and a way more mobile D core.”

What are the aims and goals for the Stars this year?

“To compete every single night and hopefully make the playoffs.”

The two questions that Jaq asked were,

Matt Marquardt is off to a hot start how has the coaching partnership been so far?

“He has been doing a great job.”

The stars are being recognised as an underrated team this year. Is that something to be embraced or is this just a well-built team getting some appropriate recognition?

“It is really too early too tell.”


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