A Quick Guide to Canada’s NHL Arenas – Storymap

Seven of the NHL’s 31 arenas are based in Canada, traversing the country from Vancouver on the western coast all the way to Montreal in the east. During the hockey season, these stadia are often buzzing with excitement and anticipation as thousands of ardent supporters flock to see their favourite teams in action.

We recently came across this cool interactive storymap by Tucker Hockey which explores each of Canada’s NHL venues, an intriguing mixture of time-honoured stadia and ultra-modern arenas. Among the latter category is Rogers Place, home of the Edmonton Oilers. This futuristic complex opened just two years ago and has received positive reviews from Oilers fans who had been accustomed to the long-standing Northlands Coliseum, where a certain Wayne Gretzky shot to fame before his infamous trade to Los Angeles.
The indoor setting and cacophonous PA noises in NHL venues combine to create a raucous atmosphere in most arenas, perhaps none more so than the Bell Centre in Montreal. The Canadiens’ home is one of the largest venues in the NHL and has the atmosphere to match, with one of the most passionate fanbases in the game playing their part in backing the team. It also has the benefit of being located centrally, in stark contrast to the remote Canadian Tire Centre home of Ottawa Senators.
If you’d like to explore these venues in more detail (we’re sure you would!), flick through the storymap below for a quick yet informative tour.


Words: Candace DiGiacomo

Link: https://www.tuckerhockey.com/

Feature image source: Trip Advisor


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