Manchester Storm vs Glasgow Clan Game 3

The Manchester Storm returned to Silverblades looking to kickstart their season after a challenge cup victory against their old rivals Sheffield on the road.

What awaited them however was a fresh legged and rebranded Glasgow side who visit the Storm shelter for the first time since the club changed their name, their head coach and the vast majority of last years team who finished a mediocre 8th in the league table. A long way behind their opponents who were topping off a historic finish to their campaign.

The first period saw action from both sides with both Matt Ginn and Joel Rumpel facing 10 and 11 shots respectively before Glasgow saw the first of the nights penalties, a hooking call.

The ‘Purple Derby’ saw it’s first goal when Travis Ehrhardt blasted a slapper that went five-hole on Matt Ginn, the goal came in the final minute of play after Linden Springer was sent to the Storm penalty box for tripping.

EA hasn’t sorted out those sliders yet then!

Travis Ehrhardt is the elder brother of our very own Dallas Ehrhardt and marks the first time the two have played against each other in the EIHL, hopefully there will be plenty of sibling rivalry.

Linden Springer is never one to forgive and forget so when he was offered out at the start of the second period by Glasgows Josh Gratton he accepted on the spot. Gratton is an imposing presence and was a legitimate tough guy in the NHL, clearly brought in to match the Manchester Storms tough, no-nonsense style of play from last season, the Canadian veteran found himself in a world of hurt against the Storm hard man and after going off for treatment he joined his opponent in the box.

The fight was a classic though and will no doubt be a highlight of many a YouTube fighting compilation!

Shortly after the cheers had died down the Clan put a second goal into the Storm net, Scott Pitt once again returning to the Storm Shelter to put a goal in against his former club, the assist came from the teams loan player Vaclav Stupka who has spent his entire career playing in Slovakia.

The penalty box began to fill shortly after with Moffat sitting for a charging penalty and Bjerrum going to the box for a tripping cal shortly after.

The Manchester side fought back hard though as Basara put a rebound past the Glasgow keeper and then equalize the score right on the 30-minute mark when Captain Fantastic, Dane Byers slotted home, with an assist from Moffat.

Glasgows resident goon Zack Fitzgerald tried in vain to instigate a fight with Shane Bakker who was professional as can be as he chose to ignore the former Steelers advances for the good of the team. Fitzgerald ended up sitting in the box for cross-checking but the Manchester lads couldn’t seize the oppertunity to capitalize on the power play with Rumpel solid between the pipes.

The third period saw fast paced action at both sides of the ice, Manchester looking a much more disciplined side than what we have seen so far this season (and pre-season) as they only took 2 penalties, maybe they listened to me?

Sadly though the last ten minutes of the match saw the Storm concede twice to slump to yet another defeat in the league, the first a backdoor goal for Pitt and the second an empty netter after Ginn was pulled in the 58th minute as the Storm looked to push forward and grab an equalizer.

The season hasn’t started well for the boys from the shelter but there is still a whole lot of season to play and a whole lot more hockey to be had!

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