Chasing the Predictions – A way too early prediction of the NHL awards

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The NHL season is just about upon us, and while it’s going to be an exciting year of hockey and late nights for us UK hockey fans and we’re in no way trying to wish the season away, a few of us here at Chasing the Puck have taken it upon ourselves to predict who will be winning awards at the end of the season, but as individual players, and also some team awards.

Some awards were not discussed, like the William M. Jennings award, Mark Messier Leadership awards among others because we’re really in no position to judge who is going to get those, and to be honest, you’ll probably think we’re in no position to judge who wins any of them, but we did it anyway, so we may as well share the results.

First up, the team awards.

Stanley Cup

Ollie – Winnipeg Jets
Jaq  – Toronto Maple Leafs
Ellie – San Jose Sharks
Hailey – San Jose Sharks
Mike – Tampa Bay lightning

Two votes for the Sharks from our writers, and you’ve got to bet that defensive core they have guides them to a lot of success this year, but no real surprises in these selections.

Presidents’ Trophy

Ollie – Tampa Bay Lightning
Jaq – Winnipeg Jets
Ellie – Winnipeg Jets
Hailey – Toronto Maple Leafs
Mike – Winnipeg Jets

A lot of love for the Jets in this one, but only one vote to go all the way, looks like the Jets are gearing up for a great year and could be Canada’s best team (just don’t tell anyone from Toronto that)

Prince of Wales Trophy

Ollie – Tampa Bay Lightning
Jaq – Toronto Maple Leafs
Ellie – Tampa Bay Lightning
Hailey – Tampa Bay Lightning
Mike – Tampa Bay Lightning

Well, it looks like it’s going to be Tampa, unless your Jaq.

Clarance S. Campbell Trophy

Ollie – Winnipeg Jets
Jaq – Nashville Predators
Ellie – San Jose Sharks
Hailey – San Jose Sharks
Mike – San Jose Sharks

Again, our guys showing a lot of love for the San Jose Sharks, a lot banking on that beast of a defensive unit, and Martin Jones as well could have himself a superb year with all those reinforcements.

Overrated Team

Ollie – St. Louis Blues
Jaq – Carolina Hurricanes
Ellie – Calgary Flames
Hailey – Los Angeles Kings
Mike – Los Angeles Kings

Two votes for the Kings, and one even coming from our resident Kings fan.

Underrated Team

Ollie – Carolina Hurricanes
Jaq – Florida Panthers
Ellie – Colorado Avalanche
Hailey – Philadelphia Flyers
Mike – Buffalo Sabres

Looks like nobody an agree on one specific team here, some interesting choices for sure.

Now to the player picks.

Vezina Trophy

Ollie – Connor Hellebuyck
Jaq – Sergei Bobrovsky
Ellie – Antti Raanta
Hailey – Andrei Vasilevskiy
Mike – Andrei Vasilevskiy

Two votes for Andrei Vasilevskiy who was one of the first goalies taken in our fantasy draft, Antti Raanta the surprise pick but he had a great second half of 2017/18, he could be the dark horse, and as Jaq points out it’s a contract year for Bobrovsky so watch him all year.

James Norris Memorial Trophy

Ollie – Victor Hedman
Jaq – Drew Doughty
Ellie – Zach Werenski
Hailey – Erik Karlsson
Mike – Erik Karlsson

Interesting pick for Werenski who could be a decent bet if you want to try and win some money on this pick, a lot of love for Erik Karlsson but will being in such a stacked defensive unit separate him enough from the pack to get the votes?

Hart Trophy

Ollie – Sidney Crosby
Jaq – Nathan MacKinnon
Ellie – Claude Giroux
Hailey – Nathan MacKinnon
Mike – Nathan MacKinnon

Lots of love here for Nathan MacKinnon of the Colorado Avalanche, no hopes of a repeat for Taylor Hall it seems.

Calder Memorial Trophy

Ollie – Elias Pettersson
Jaq – Elias Pettersson/Filip Zadina
Ellie – Elias Pettersson
Hailey – Casey Mittelstadt
Mike – Rasmus Dahlin

Our first two picks from Jaq going for Elias Pettersson and Filip Zadina, but with Zadina going to the AHL, I’m sure his first pick will do just fine, interestingly only one mention for Rasmus Dahlin.

Maurice “Rocket” Richard Trophy

Ollie – Patrik Laine
Jaq – Alex Ovechkin
Ellie –  Patrik Laine
Hailey – Alex Ovechkin
Mike – Patrik Laine

Either Laine or Ovechkin, they’re two of the best pure goalscorers in the league, but will Alex Ovechkin the great eight, win number eight?

Art Ross Trophy

Ollie – Connor McDavid
Jaq – Connor McDavid
Ellie – Connor McDavid
Hailey – Connor McDavid
Mike – Connor McDavid

Finally, something we all agree on.

Frank J. Selke Trophy

Ollie – Patrice Bergeron
Jaq – Alexander Barkov
Ellie – Anze Kopitar
Hailey – Anze Kopitar
Mike – Patrice Bergeron

Jaq the only one going for someone different with new Florida Panthers captain Alexander Barkov, the youngster could be the best pick here.

And there you have it, that’s our picks for a few awards (and then two random ones for overrated and underrated teams), why don’t you let us know your picks and then come back at the end of the season to tell us how wrong our picks were.

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