Flyers v Steelers | An Interview with Brendan Brooks

Last week saw the Flyers play one match and get the Win to put themselves in 2nd place in the league.

This weekend saw Fife play the Glasgow Clan on Friday night in the Challenge Cup and tonight, the Sheffield Steelers in the league.

This week I managed to interview Brendan Brooks. The first team Brendan played for was the Caledon Canadiens of the MetjAHL. The next season he played for Owen Sound Platers and the North Bay Centennials both where OHL teams, he also iced for the Mississippi Sea Wolves in the ECHL.

From 98-00 Brendan played for Quad City, the following year he played for Dayton Bombers, Cincinnati Cyclones. The next season he had a stint in the AHL with Manchester Monarchs, he also played in Reading among others.

From 2003 until 2007 he spent most of his time In the AHL. Following that he had stints In Norway, the NLA, DEL, EBEL all top European leagues.

In 2015 Brendan came to the UK and he played 51 games for 39 points for the Braehead Clan, the following season he came to play in Fife with the Flyers. He iced in 52 games for 48 points and last season he returned to Glasgow where he played 54 games for 57 points. Brendan was also part of the GB squad that made it to the top level of international ice hockey.

This off season no one including Brendan knew where he would be playing but he has ended up with the Sheffield Steelers.

AB:Your first two seasons you played for Caledon Canadiens how enjoyable was that?

BB: It was great playing for Caledon Canadians we won the MTHL championship both years I was there. My first year we had NHL players Danius Zubrus and Trevor Gillies as teammates. I was 15 years old turning 16.

AB:You then played 2 years on the OHL how different was that to your first 2 years in Caledon?

BB:It was little faster pace playing in the OHL you can see why they say it’s the best junior hockey league in the world.

AB:During your career you played a few years for Quad city how was your time there?

BB:Moving to quad city was a great decision I was the youngest player on the team and learned a lot from the older guys. Especially owe a lot to our coach former Quebec Nordique captain who took me under his wing.

AB:You have played over 200 games in the ECHL what your best memory in that league?

BB:The ECHL was a great spot and where I learned to fine tune my game to make it to the next level.

AB:You also have over 260 games played in the AHL how tough a league is it?

BB:The AHL is a great league and loved being apart of it. Some amazing hockey players I played with that went on to be top nhl guys or had great careers over in Europe.

AB:You have played in some top quality league’s all over Europe, DEL, NLA, EBEL, and Norway whst where those league’s like to play in?

BB:My time in those top leagues were amazing. It was a great decision I made to come over and be apart of the European Hky with the big ice which suited my game better.

AB:The few seasons you have spent in the UK two of them where in Glasgow with the clan how did you enjoy your time there?

BB:The Clan was good experience and a great place to start in the UK, the support from the fans was top notch.

AB:You played a year with the Fife Flyers how did you enjoy that and what do think of a Scottish team being 80 years old?

BB:It’s amazing to have had a team for over 80 years! Hockey pride and it shows with the fans. They support theor club and one of the hardest places to come in and play when your the opposing team.

AB:What was the experience like gaining your British citizenship and then actually playing for Team GB?

BB:With having my grandparents and mom be born in the UK it was great that I was able to do that. To see my family be so excited and made my grandparents and mom feel apart of the experience I got with winning gold! It’s something I will hold on to and never forget.

Brendan is fast skilled player with a good shot. He was a very good player for the Fife Flyers and I enjoyed watching him play in the Auld Barn. I would also like to thank him for taking time to do this with me.

Feature Image: Dean Woolley/Sheffield Steelers

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