NHL: Three Teams Left Without a Win

Hockey is back! Well it was, thanks to the incomprehensible scheduling of the NHL we are left with a night without anything to do but twiddle our thumbs and wait. So it is an ideal time to have a review of the team struggling to start the season on the right foot and are still without a single victory.

Detroit Red Wings 0-2-2

The Red Wings are a young team and will have a lot to learn this season and I am sure they won’t be near the bottom of the NHL for long. They are just about to go on a 4 game road trip during which they should be able to win at least 2 games if they play well, one against the Panthers and then one win from either the Canadians and Lightning. They’ve been competitive in all four of their games so far and if a few bounces had gone the other way they could well be 2-2. If they stick at what they’re doing and learn from these losses they will be able to pick up their first win in no time.

Florida Panthers 0-1-1

The aforementioned Panthers have only played two games and have lost both by a single goal, so perhaps things aren’t quite as dire as they may seem. They’ve registered 84 shots on net during this time, surely something has to give soon. With the Canucks scoring 4 goals a game and are the Panthers next opponents, they will need to tighten up their defence to come out on top. If all else fails, they can hope that the Capitals have another meltdown like the 6-0 drubbing they received from New Jersey last night, the Panthers head to the capital on the 20th.

Edmonton Oilers 0-2-0

The final winless team, as well as being the only team not to have registered a point in the standings, are the Edmonton Oilers. Once again they have only played two games and so there is plenty of time for McDavid and the team to turn this season around. However, that will mean that other players on the roster are going to need to produce some offence, of the three goals the Oilers have scored, McDavid has scored one and assisted on the other two. On top of this, they have been outscored 9-3. Although, they are next up against the struggling New York Rangers, who only just managed to avoid featuring in this article thanks to Lundqvist making 41 saves to carry the team to a 3-2 OT victory against the Sharks last night.

So there we have it, three teams that are hoping this early season performance is just teething issues and won’t continue further into the month of October and the 2018/19 season as a whole. Which team do you think will be the last to pick up a win?

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