Fife Flyers extend win streak to 5

Fife Flyers took the first win in their home and away double header against old BNL rivals the Guildford Flames, taking a series lead to 2 – 0 and extend their league win streak to 5.


Guildford would take the first goal of the evening 23 seconds from first whistle with a shot on target from Kruise Reddick assist coming from John Dunbar. Scott Aarssen (Holding Stick) and Calle Ackered (Interference) would see 2 mins in the box for some 4 on 4 action with Finucci bringing it back to level ground for the Flyers with a landed shot on the 3:39 mark with an assist from Chase Schaber.

Paul Crowder would would see 2 minutes in the box for an elbow but the Flyers PK unit would be succesul in killing the Flames power play. Fife would get the opportunity to go on the Power Play at 12:09 as Joshua Waller would receive 2 minutes for hooking. 1 Minute in, Finucci would get his second goal of the night with the assist from Mike Cazzola and Evan Stoflet.

Jez Lundin would see 2 minutes at 13:52 for slashing giving Fife another opportunity on the PP but would be unsuccessful. Bari McKenzie would gift the Flames with time on the PP with a hooking call and would sit out for 2 minutes. Guildford would not be able to capitalise with a successful PK from the Flyers. 19:07 would see Fife go back on the powerplay with an Interference call against Jamie Crooks allowing the Flyers to start period 2 on the PP.

Flyers lead 2 – 1


Fife would start the 2nd period on the PP but would be unsuccessful in capitalising on the 5 on 4 situation. 1:08 into the 2nd period, Paul Crowder would get his first goal of the night with Chase Schabers second assist of the night.

Fife would get past the Flames defence to net another goal coming from Evan Bloodoff at 4:33, recording his first of the night with assistance from James Isaacs and Brett Bulmer to bring Fife to 4 -1.

Bloodoff would see 2 minutes for hooking but the Fife PK unit would keep Guidford out. Ricards Birzins would give Flames more time on the PP as he’s sent to the box for a 2 minute interference minor but the PK unit would once again keep it locked down for the Flyers.

17:07 would see Guildford attempt a comeback with a lone effort from Ben Davies bringing the score line to 4 – 2 to see in the end of the period.

Flyers Lead 4 – 2



Fife would be fast in extending their lead with a second goal of the night for Crowder at 2:47 with an Assist from Brett Bulmer recording his second of the game making in 5 – 2 Fife. The Flyers would continue the offense with landing another shot on goal with wrist shot from Evan Stoflet recording his first goal in league compition with Scott Aarssen and Joe Basaraba getting on the sheet with the assist bring the score to 6 – 2 Flyers

Aarssen would see 2 minutes for interference at 6:08, Schaber 2 minutes for slashing at 11:41 and Bulmer 2 minutes for delay of game with no goals coming from the Flames.

Reddick would take a 2 minute delay of game penalty at 13:13 and Corbin Baldwin would see 2 minutes at 15:03 for delay of game. Fife would not be able to notch the score line to 7 during the PP. Guildford would finish up with the last goal of the night with Joshua Waller getting one past Andrew Little to make the final score 6 – 3 Fife Flyers.


  • Fife Shots on Goal: 26
  • Guildford Shots on Goal: 39
  • Fife MOM: Paul Crowder
  • Guildford MOM: Ben Davies



Feature Photo: Jillian McFarlane


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