Fife Prepare for First Test of the Season

With six wins in seven games, Fife have had the best start to the the season that they could have hoped for. However, with success always comes tests and this week the Flyers will face their first greatest test in the form of Sheffield, Nottingham and Cardiff.

Steelers last meeting with Flyer. Credit: Jillian McFarlane

Wednesday 17th October will see the Flyers travel down to the Steel city to face off against the Sheffield Steelers for the third time this season in their first game of the week. Sheffield have had a rocky start to the season that would result in Paul Thompson resigning. But it’s a new dawn and though no major changes will have happened, morale will start to improve and Fife can’t go in to this game thinking they will face off against the same team they won 4 – 1 against on Sunday 7th October.

Credit: Nottingham Panthers

Nottingham will make their first trip to the Fife Ice Arena this season and will provide Fife with their first real test of the season on Saturday 20th October. Nottingham are top contenders to the Cardiff Devils crown and are currently in the top spot at 8 – 4 – 0 in the league but Nottingham have shown they are not invincible and have dropped points to teams weaker than Fife. If Fife can make the Panthers chase the puck and play defence the Flyers can come away with the points.

Credit: Cardiff Devils

Cardiff have only suffered one loss this season out of 7 games and have been strong in every game they’ve played and no one will blame you if you’ve called them winning the league because as of right now, they’ve shown they’re capable of going for a threepeat. Last season Fife showed that they could hang with the big boys and this season shouldn’t be any different. The Devils will provide the Flyers with the biggest test to end up the week and if Fife are able to come away with a win from all three games, it will be a testament to teams with a small budget.

You wouldn’t be wrong to expect Fife to come away with their first loss in 6 games during this week but the key to the main goal, that being the Flyers finishing in the top 4 and securing a place in the Playoff finals weekend is for Fife to put together a string of of streaks and most importantly to remain healthy far into the business end of the season.

Feature Photo: Jillian McFarlane

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