Manchester Storm Vs Glasgow Clan Game 7

A visit from the Scots is always a fiery affair at the Storm shelter and everyone was itching to get a result after the loss against Cardiff and now back on home ice was the perfect chance.

The Storm were determined to avenge their previous loss to Glasgow and after the fights and bad blood of the previous match the one promised to be a beauty.

The Clan were first in the box after they had too many men on the ice, Manchester piled forwards in an attempt to get on the score sheet but were unsuccessful as the Glasgow defense were more than ready for the Storm.

Moffatt was given a penalty for charging and the tempers began flaring as Travis Ehrhardt and Ciaran Long had a few words in the corner, the 2-minute penalty given to Ehrhardt allowed his brother to convert for the Storm and put them up. A beautiful top shelf finish from the big defender assisted but Hammond and Linden Springer.

The penalty train kept on rolling however, both teams received penalties at the time of the goal, Storms Hammond for slashing and Clans Connolly for charging. The rest of the period was filled with more penalties, Pitt for a late hit and Matt Ginn being called for tripping!

Absolute end-to-end action, I may need to have a lie-down.

After a mere 27-seconds of play the Clan were given a penalty in the second, Tanski was handed 2-minutes for interference.

Could that be the quickest penalty of the season?

The Manchester side were strong on the powerplay but were unsuccessful, they found themselves on the powerplay AGAIN as Tanski returned to the box after 10-seconds for delay of game.

Surely that must be a record?

The Storm managed to fire home a second just minutes later as the legend Mike Hammond fired home a shot above the outstretched catcher of Joel Rumpel, assisted by a wonderful drop-pass from Moffatt.

The Storm didn’t take long to go up by a third as Moffatt fired a pass over to captain fantastic Dane Byers who slipped in a backdoor shot putting the Manchester side thoroughly in the driving seat.

Tempers began to Frey as both sides started losing composure, clan captain Fitzgerals starting trouble with Basara and both men headed to the box for roughing penalties, Clans Stanisz was give a 2+2 penalty for interference and unsportsmanlike conduct and the Storm were in a strong position. Unable to capitalize though, both teams then took another dual roughing call just past the half hour mark.

Glasgow did manage to claw one back however, Brendan Connolly firing top shelf past Matt Ginn assisted by Tanski and Gratton.

Amazing that Tanski managed to stay out of the box.

The highlight of the night however and possibly the season, occurred when half-man half-amazing Mike “Hammondinho” Hammond lost his stick and resorted to clearing the puck with his skate, showing such control that it ignited the crowd and sent everyone into cheers.

Is there nothing this man can’t do?

Bakker sat a 2-minute for elbow but the Storm penalty kill was exquisite.

Five minutes into the final period, Rob Linsmayer scored Manchester’s fourth of the nights as he broke up the defense in the offensive zone, assisted by Richardson and Ciaran Long.

Goals were in the air however as just 3-minutes later Mega Hammond blasted home his second of the night after a turnover, assisted by captain fantastic and Moffatt.

One of the strangest incidents I have even seen in hockey happened shortly after as Clan Captain Fitzgerald looked to be lining up a huge check only to be knocked clean out cold, the match was stopped for 10-minutes as he was tended to.

The final goal of the night came from Rob Linsmayer as he fired just under Rumpel with assists from Long and Richardson, Glasgow managed to get themselves a consolation goal a minute after as Connolly put his second away but the score was set and the Storm were victorious in a wild game that was definitely one of the most entertaining.


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