Behind The Bench – Richard Krogh

Everyone loves a player interview, right? Hearing their thoughts on the previous games or the upcoming round of fixtures? How they’re performing, thoughts on the team? Well, you’ll find none of that here behind the bench! Throughout this season, I will attempt to get as many Flames players as I can to answer 15 questions in 90 seconds.

(Note: If you have any questions you would like to see on the list then please let me know!)

First up to the microphone (or the mobile phone with a generic voice recording app) we have Richard Krogh!

Credit – John Uwins Photography

Age? 18

Position? Right Wing

NHL team? Chicago Blackhawks

Hockey hero? Patrick Kane

Favourite UK rink (apart from the Spectrum, obviously!) Sheffield

Hidden talent/hockey party trick? Don’t have one

Superstitions? Always put my right skate on first

Favourite actor? Don’t have one

Who is the dressing room prankster? Josh Waller

Favourite band? Don’t have one

Who’s the messiest in the changing room? John Dunbar

Most memorable hockey moment to date? Winning gold in the world championships

Your most embarrassing moment? Probably breaking a blade during a game and falling all over the place

Favourite dressing room prank? Filling up a water bottle and loosening the cap so whoever has it throws it all over themselves

What would you do if you didn’t play hockey? Probably an astronaut

Not sure that was quite what #24 was expecting when he was asked to step out of the dressing room by the coach, but that last answer gave Josh Waller a good laugh at least! Speaking of Josh, we’ll hear from him next week…

Featured Image – John Uwins Photography


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