Flyers weekly recap: Scoracek!

At this point, who knows what the Flyers are this season. Good? Bad? You’re almost seeing a different team every game this season. There were 4 games played this week, two wins (6-5 in a S/O v Florida and 5-2 v NJ) and two loses (1-0 v Vegas and 6-3 v Columbus). From that, I’d wager that most fans would say consistency is the Flyers’ biggest issue. That and the play of a certain defenceman. Here’s my takeaways from the week’s action:

  1. We need to talk about Ivan Provorov…

I really hate to say it, but good ol’ Provy has not looked good. He’s never been a fast starter, but he has in no way looked like the #1 defenceman we assumed he would from all of his previous play. I’m aware of the sophomore slump, but I’ve never heard of a 3rd year regression. Personally, I don’t think he’s regressed as a player as much as it may be him working off his injury sustained in last year’s playoffs. Perhaps like MacDonald the Flyers have rushed him back to play, though I assume they wouldn’t considering he is one of the most valuable assets for the team. Let’s hope he plays himself into the form we are used to.

  1. Thankfully they pulled Mac out of the lineup

Imagine your worst defenceman playing injured. Yeah, that was Andrew MacDonald. He basically acted like a pylon out there. I’m usually not his biggest critic, but he was BAD in all caps during parts of this stretch. The usually inept MacDonald somehow looked worse, and thankfully his absence is due to this and not the birth of his daughter (congrats to the MacDonalds).

  1. Gudas-Sanheim continue strong play

Continuing from last week, the pairing has delivered strong Corsi for results and have looked solid simply from watching them skate together. Last game, after switching Provorov and Gostisbehere away from each other, the top two pairs looked decent, but Gudas and Sanheim still have stood out.

  1. Voracek bounces back

He really needed to as well. The large Czech winger had not looked at his best this week when the team was down (especially against Columbus). He delivered for the Flyers against the Devils with a late game winner and assisted on Nolan Patrick’s goal. He will look to build on his performance.

  1. Patrick returns from injury

And he contributes! Fortunately for the Flyers, he doesn’t appear to be lagging behind after his injury, as many fans were concerned about after last year’s struggles. However, this does not appear to be the case with Patrick.

The Flyers next play at home against the Avalanche at 00:00 Tuesday (7:00 pm EST).

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