Fife Aim to take full 4 points in week 10

After a a bitter weekend that saw the Fife Flyers only manage to take away two points out of a possible six in week 9 of Elite League action, week 10 is shaping up to be slightly brighter with a road win away to Cardiff already in the books and another 2 points will be up for grabs on Saturday 10th as the Flyers take on Manchester Storm.

Friday 2nd November saw the Belfast Giants come to the Fife Ice Arena to kick off their Scottish triple header and would take points from the whole Gardiner Conference to place them in the number 1 seat. A game that could have gone any way with the Giants only out shooting the Flyers by one  and a 3rd period goal from Paul Crowder would not be enough to get Fife the edge to take the game in to OT.

The Flyers took to the road for the remainder of the weekend, the first stop being Manchester. Storm would get the better of the Flyers this time around out shooting them by 13 and securing the 3 – 2 victory. Fife finished up the weekend in Coventry seeing Blaze take a 2 goal lead to finish up the 2nd period. Fife would battle back in an impressive 3rd period with Marcus Basara, Joe Basaraba and Crowder all getting the puck passed Miika Wiikman but a late goal with 4 seconds to spare from Blaze would take the game into overtime. The additional period would not last long as Danick Gauthier would go back home to Fife a hero as he plants the puck to the back of the net 18 seconds in.

With two days rest the Flyers would see the road once more to take on the Cardiff Devils on Wednesday 7th. Fife would win the first period with a 0 – 2 lead but would see the Devils equalise to kick off the second period but would not be able to secure a lead with Mike Cazzolla sneaking the puck passed the back of Bowns to round off 40 minutes of hockey. Devils would soon equalise capitalising on a defensive error to bring the game back even. The Flyers would soon take the lead once more during the power play with Guathier blasting the puck to the back of the net. The lead would not last for long and the Devils would tie the game up once more and with no more to follow taking the game in to over time.

When you make a mistake, you do everything in your power to try and fix it, this was definitely the case for Shane Owen. Owen followed the puck to the back of the net to set up an attack when his pass would be cut out by the Devils and presented them with the golden opportunity to take the win but with a super man dive and lady luck  on his side, Owen would be able to poke check the puck out of a controlling situation.

Fife would go back on the attack with Crowder leading the puck up the ice weaving in and out of the Devils blue liners but would be denied by Bowns. The puck bounced back with Bulmer taking the final shot of the game giving the Flyers their first victory over the Cardiff Devils.

Fife will end the week welcoming for the second time this season, Manchester Storm to the Fife Ice Arena on Saturday 10th. With Storm playing host to MK Lightning on Friday 9th and the travel up to Kirkcaldy, the Flyers will have the advantage. As always with Storm a physical game is to be expected but if Fife keep their heads and play the full 60 minutes there is no reason we can’t see week 10 end with 4 points.

Photo: Jillian Mcfarlane

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