Behind The Bench – Kevin King

It’s been a while since we spoke to Josh Waller as part of the Behind the Bench series, but thanks to the Flames supporters club and their annual bowling night, more unsuspecting players have been roped into talking to Chasing the Puck! So – Over the next few weeks: Find out who can’t handle their drink, who could bowl professionally, who is the secret country music fan and who once nearly got busted by team management because he got caught on camera ‘special’ dancing!

Following a couple of subtle rejections (you know, the “Yeah, I’ll be right back after the bar/toilet” excuses), Kevin King stepped up to the plate, joined by Mike Will.

King Int

Name? Kevin King

Age? 28

Position? Forward

NHL team? Calgary Flames

Hockey hero? Jarome Iginla

Favourite UK rink (apart from the Spectrum!)? Tough one… Dundee.

….. Really?!
Kevin King: “I actually like Dundee!”
Mike Will: “Yeah, I like Dundee aswell”

Hidden talent/hockey party trick? Oh man… I don’t have any, I’m not very talented
Mike Will: “The guy is unbelievable, man – Very modest!”

Superstitions? Not much…
Mike Will: “You bang your stick”
Kevin King: “Oh yeah! How I tape my stick and what I do after I tape my stick.”

Favourite actor? Denzel Washington

Who is the dressing room prankster? TJ Foster

Favourite band? Artist, Kip Moore. Country
Mike Will: “Boooo! Terrible”

Who’s the messiest in the changing room?
Mike Will: “Oh, that’s easy”
Kevin King: “Brett Ferguson”
Mike Will: “Really?!”
Kevin King: “I sit beside him!”

Most memorable hockey moment to date? I got 2 – Winning the Western League Championship in junior and the national championship in France

Your most embarrassing moment? Last game in Sheffield when I fell on the ice just before the third period when I was warming up

Favourite dressing room prank? I like either putting a cup of water under the person’s helmet or sticking tape balls in their gloves at the end of their fingers so it’s hard to get out

What would you do if you didn’t play hockey? I’d play baseball

Thanks Kev!

It’s at this point I’d lead on to the Mike Will interview I’d be due to post next week, however, Mike had to go and bowl as it was his turn and despite promising to come back, that was the last we saw of him… But fear not! The series will continue next week

Featured Image – John Uwins Photography

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