RUMOUR: GB to face three KHL sides ahead of World Championships

There’s some rumblings on social media regarding how the Great Britain National Team are to prepare for the 2019 IIHF World Championships that take place next spring in Slovakia.

According to a couple of reports, three Kontinental Hockey League teams will take on the GB National Side, with at least one of the games to take place in Sheffield, but all three games will be in the UK.

Whether all three games take place in Sheffield or the other two games will be in different arenas hasn’t been mentioned, and it’s unclear as to which teams from the KHL will potentially be invited.

Rumours on social media state that Great Britain General Manager Andy French confirmed to Sport24 RU that they are arranging games against KHL sides due to issues being able to arrange exhibition games against top national teams ahead of the World Championships.

One game is expected to take place in February as per the reports on social media, with the other two games in April.

With the KHL regular season ending on February 22nd, it’s likely that the teams GB may face if these rumours are true will be out of the playoffs, especially for the reported February game.

Nothing official has been announced by Ice Hockey UK, but let us know what you think about GB potentially facing KHL sides as preparation for the World Championships.

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One thought on “RUMOUR: GB to face three KHL sides ahead of World Championships”

  1. As much as this is a good idea, I hope the other games will be on Olympic-size ice surfaces as well (such as Nottingham and Belfast). As much as I would like to see a KHL team come to Coventry it would not help with preparation


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