Behind The Bench – Corbin Baldwin

Episode 6 of Behind the Bench is here! And as I said last week, this interview is kinda festive despite being recorded a little while ago now at the Flames bowling night. By festive, I don’t mean that any of the players broke into a chorus of Jingle Bells, but thanks to the wonders of beer, we did get a bit of a Bad Santa impression!

Following on from last weeks chat with Eric Lindhagen, this time it was the turn of the big man – The man described by Liam Stewart as “like having a second goalie”, the 6’5″ brick wall – Corbin Baldwin!

Now – If you read last week, you will know that Corbin was a bit quiet during Eric’s interview. This was of course due to some over indulgence of the liquid variety…

#23 Corbin Baldwin Guildford Flames
Corbin’s professional picture from the Flames website. To see a picture of this weeks star at the bowling night, check out the interview last week with Eric Lindhagen!

Mike: “Ok, are you ready for this?”
Corbin: “………”
Random fan: “He’s still awake, start quick!

That made him laugh, so I guess he was good to go!

Name? Corbin Baldwin

Age? 27

Position? Defence

NHL team? Uhhh… Jets

Hockey hero? Teemu Selänne

Favourite UK rink (apart from the Spectrum!)? I haven’t played in all of them but I quite liked Sheffield.

Hidden talent/hockey party trick? I, uhh… F*c—-

Ooooook, probably best stop there!

This clearly wasn’t going entirely to plan… I mentioned Bad Santa, because the whole thing came across a little bit like this clip from the Bad Santa movie (which contains bad language! You need the sound on to really get the context of what I’m saying here)

At this point I really do need to point out that Corbin really is an absolute gent who always takes time to interact with fans. So I decided that rather than writing up the rest of what was a very funny interview, it would be best to get another interview with him after a mid-week training session.

Contrary to belief, despite possessing clearly exceptional interviewing skills (as you can see from this series), this surprisingly doesn’t pay my bills so due to actually having to work for a living, I couldn’t personally speak to Corbin. However, my lovely friend and fellow Flames fan, Wendy, very kindly agreed to step in on behalf of CTP!

Picking up after the first 5 questions (which luckily he gave the same answers!):

Corbin Baldwin Fan Event
Wendy, pictured with Corbin at the Flames Meet the Players event in August

Did you have fun at the bowling night and did you win? I had a lot of fun at the bowling night and I did not win

Favourite UK rink (apart from the Spectrum!)? I haven’t been to all of them but I quite liked Glasgow

Hidden talent/hockey party trick? Not that I can really think of

(Eric Lindhagen insisted in the original interview that Corbin is an amazing chef)

Superstitions? No, not really. Routines rather than superstitions

(Drunk Corbin said left gear first!)

Favourite actor? Jim Carey

Who is the dressing room prankster? Ha! Maybe Dunny (John Dunbar)

Favourite band? The Eagles

Who’s the messiest in the changing room? I don’t know

Most memorable hockey moment to date? Probably winning the CHL championship with the Allen Americans in my first year as a pro

Your most embarrassing moment? Oh man, they’re always hard to come up with! I dunno, pass!

Favourite dressing room prank? Probably water under the helmet

What would you do if you didn’t play hockey? Probably race horses
Wendy: “Thank you”
Corbin: “Thank you – That’s probably a little better than the last one!”

What a guy!

Next week we speak to the EIHL slapshot king – Flames November Player of the Month – Calle Ackered! Provided Corbin doesn’t kill me for this article first…..



Featured Image – John Uwins Photography

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