Philadelphia Flyers: Rough and Calm Seas

Well, it’s certainly been an interesting month or so in Flyers fandom…

Welcome back to your regular Flyers of Philadelphia updates. Apologies for the break, but I am back now and ready to go!

Where to even start…

GM Ron Hextall, in his apparent stubbornness and aura of control, was let go by the organization. This was quickly followed by the releasing of Head Coach Dave Hakstol and his fashionable suiting preferences (he had a vast assortment of ties). This was all in the middle of an incredibly disappointing stretch of games both at home, and on the western Canadian road trip, that saw the team dip to last in the Eastern Conference. The past few weeks of being a Flyers writer and fan have been stressful and disappointing beyond words for many. But, at the time of writing this article, something has changed in the city of Philadelphia. The team finally showed some Hart. Carter Hart.

On Wednesday (Tuesday EST), in new interim coach Scott Gordon’s first game behind the bench and Carter Hart’s first NHL start, this team looked different. For the first time this season, the team looked resilient. Fans stood and applauded when they left the ice during intermissions. Cheers were audible through the telecast instead of boos. It felt like a corner had been turned. Or rather, that new brighter days were ahead.

And in this new wacky world of the Carter Hart the Goaltender Era, we will see if these coming days bring sunshine or rainclouds, but that’s the exciting part.

Semper Fi Flyers Fans.

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