A midseason prediction of the EIHL awards

So we’re more or less half way through the season (in other words, teams are close to the 30 game mark), so let’s have a look at who’s leading the race for some of be EIHL awards right now.

In this post we’ll take a look at who could win the following awards;

Forward, Defenseman and Netminder Of The Year, Coach of the Year and British Player of the Year, then some of the more stats based awards we’ll just show you the top three.

So let’s do this.

Forward Of The Year

Previous Winner – Joey Martin

Prediction – John Dunbar

Well this a good start, a player I’m openly biased towards because I think he’s an insane talent. Dunbar won’t light the lamp that much but if you’re on his line he’s going to make sure you do. He’s over an assist-per-game with 31 in 26 games right now, on pace to shatter his league leading 59 from last year. He’ll need to add to his goals total to try and even out his performance a bit, but there’s little doubt his name will be among the conversation for this award at the end of the season. He’ll have some stiff competition for this award, but someone has to dethrone Joey Martin, and it’s not always the leading scorer who gets the award.

Honourable mentions – Charles Linglet, Paul Crowder, David Rutherford & Kruise Reddick

Defenseman Of The Year

Previous Winner – Andrew Hotham

Prediction – Gleason Fournier

Gleason Fournier has all but a fingernail on this award through the first half of the season, and he’ll do all he can to keep this award in South Wales for a fifth year. One of the greatest skaters the league has ever seen, he’s as great on the backend as he is in the offensive zone. There’s a reason why he’s top 10 in scoring right now, and while all the highlights are of his offensive prowess, don’t forget his reliability in his own zone. He’s really filled the hole left by Andrew Hotham and has to be most peoples favourite for this award.

Honourable mentions – Ben O’Connor, Calle Ackered, Jesse Craige, Mark Matheson

Netminder Of The Year

Previous Winner – Ben Bowns

Prediction – Tyler Beskorowany

Beskorawny does have a bit of help this year compared to last. He was in a difficult situation with the Edinburgh Capitals, and now with the Giants he’s emerged as the leading man in the cage this year. He’s dominating with a save percentage of .936% and a league leading 21 wins. If the Giants can get some silverware this year it’ll be because they’ve got a great team in general, but having Beskorawny in net will give them an even bigger advantage.

Honourable mentions – Patrick Killeen, Shane Owen, Ben Bowns, Michael Garnett

Coach Of The Year

Previous Winner – Andrew Lord

Prediction – Tom Barasso

This is possibly the most controversial pick because I know full well it’s probably going to go to Adam Keefe, and yes you’re right to criticise this pick. It’s a long way to the top for the Sheffield Steelers after their torrid start to the year, but the turn around they’ve had under new coach Tom Barasso can’t go unnoticed and possibly won’t go unrewarded. Failing to make the final four may go against him, but in league action the Steelers have  continuously climbed the standings into a mid table position under his guidance after being down in the cellar for the first few weeks, and with a lot of hockey left to play, it’s a long shot but don’t rule them out of eyeing up that top four.

Honourable mentions – Todd Dutiaume, Adam Keefe, Andrew Lord, Paul Dixon

British Player of the Year

Previous Winner – Ben Bowns

Prediction – Ben O’Connor

It must have been a rollercoaster to start the year with a KHL deal falling through then a move back from Sweden to return to the Steelers, but since he came back to Sheffield he’s not missed a beat, and has even looked better than ever before. He’s over a point-per-game since his return, he’s easily in the conversation for the best British player, and the immediate impact he’s had since coming back won’t go unnoticed.

Honourable mentions – Ben Bowns, Jordan Cownie, Ciaran Long, Robert Dowd

So those are the predictions you can all disagree with and question me on, now for the stars based one that you just have to accept because stats don’t lie. We’ll take a look at the top 3 players in each category at this point of the season.

For this we’ll look at points, goals, assists and save percentage. We’re not doing GAA because that is influenced a lot by the team rather than goalie, and also we’ll including a leading Brit in each list.

Most points

1 Kruise Reddick 40
T2 John Dunbar 37
T2 David Rutherford 37
T3 Charles Linglet 36
T3 Darcy Murphy 36
Brit Ciaran Long 24

Most Goals

1 Alex Guptill 19
T2 Darcy Murphy 18
T2 Blair Riley 18
3 Kruise Reddick 16
Brit Robert Dowd 10

Most Assists

1 John Dunbar 31
2 David Rutherford 27
T3 Charles Linglet 25
T3 Jesse Craige 25
Brit Ciaran Long 16

Best Save Percentage

1 Tyler Beskorowany .936
2 Patrick Killeen .927
T3 Michael Garnett .913
T3 Shane Owen .913
Brit Ben Bowns .912

So that’s our predictions with a bit of a stat update, join in the conversation and let us know your picks!

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