Behind The Bench – Evan Ritt

For the second time this week, we are back with another #BTB interview! Which is great news for all who like these Flames player interviews, but bad news for me as my bowling night material has nearly run out and I’m going to have to track down more players… Which isn’t easy when your always with a toddler when at the rink.

Speaking of which, seeing as I’ve been making players share their own embarrassing stories, I’m going to reveal one of my own! A few weekends back, my hockey-loving toddler grabbed my phone. Naively I just left him to it, until I suddenly heard the phone dialling out. I darted across the room, grabbed the phone and quickly cancelled the call and locked the phone. Well, I thought I did…

I heard an American voice saying “Hello?”. Cautiously unlocking the phone, I expected to see some sort of call which I put on loudspeaker by accident, but it was worse than that. To my horror, I found myself on a video chat with Evan Ritt, who had spent most of the night on a bus back from Glasgow! After a lot of apologising and hanging up as quickly as possible, I sat with my head in my hands as my little boy laughed hysterically. I really hope he enjoys his lump of coal from Santa in just a few days 🙂

Why on earth did I willingly write that?!

Anyways… Here’s the man himself, Evan Ritt!

Janssen and Ritt Guildford Flames Interview
Evan Ritt and myself during happier times before the embarrassing video calling incident

Name? Evan Ritt

Age? 25

Position? Centre

NHL team? Dallas Stars

Hockey hero? Jim Montgomery

Favourite UK rink (apart from the Spectrum!)? The United Center where the Chicago Blackhawks play

Hidden talent/hockey party trick? I dunno about hidden talent. I started to play piano a little bit last year

Superstitions? I’m not superstitious but I’m a little stitious…

Favourite actor? Uhh… Christoph Waltz. In Django Unchained, and Inglorious Basterds

Who is the dressing room prankster? Willsy! Mike Will, or Ben Davies probably

Favourite band? Kygo. He’s Norwegian, not a band

Who’s the messiest in the changing room? I honestly don’t know, it’s kept pretty clean for us
Mike: “There’s got to be someone you can throw under the bus?”
Evan: “Janny is! Evan Janssen”

Your most embarrassing moment? Not that much embarrassing things… I’ll have to have a think!

Favourite dressing room prank? Sometimes guys cut the laces of guys skates

What would you do if you didn’t play hockey? I’m figuring that out still! I dunno, I think I’d be a professional bowler actually

Thanks Evan! All I would say to the professional bowler thing is that I was bowling on your lane and I’m not sure you actually won a game? 🙂

Onto our final interview from the bowling night! Which once again involves Evan Ritt and ended up looking like I was conducting a mini talkshow as fans gathered around us for the final laughs of the evening. The next #BTB delivers you pure gold just in time for Christmas!

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