CTP celebrates it’s 3rd Birthday

I wanted to take some time out of the busy day of celebrating to thank some of the people who have been so instrumental in getting my little dream of a hockey blog to where it is today.

For a long time I thought I could do this on my own, which to an extent I did but 6 months ago I brought on board a great group of people from around the league and around the world who would help me share with all our fans so much more than I could think possible on my own.

In the last six months we have made so much progress as a website and as a brand. We have our own range of merchandise, we cover almost all of the teams in the EIHL and are always looking for more writers to help us out. We cover a few NHL teams as well with help from some friedms across the pond. We have an a Ing partnership with The Goalie Guild, who specialise in helping the goaltending community with mental health issues and who now sponsor our hugely successful Netminder of the Week award. We have more than doubled our following on all social media platforms and we have rebranded, from logo to colour scheme on the website.

I’m so proud of the team and the family we have become and I hope that those who began on this journey with me as our first followers three years ago will continue with us for more years to come. To those of you who are new to us, welcome to the family. It’s not every day you can say you work with some of your best friends but I know I do.

It is after all, those who follow us and read our articles who make all of this worthwhile for each of us who write. Thank you to everyone.

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