Book Review: Juicy Rebound – Toni Aleo

Toni Aleo knows how to write a compelling hockey romance novel. By now, that’s not in question. However with her 27 novels across 4 series she’s not a newbie to the genre and is showing readers with each new character that she adds that she can only get better.

Her newest novel ‘Juicy Rebound’ is no exception. Chandler Moon is another swoon-worthy man. He shows that love can conquer all and what can’t be fixed by love can be aided along by a kick in the balls and a broken nose from your girlfriend’s no nonsense taking cousin.

“Girl, I don’t run, but I’d power-walk for a guy with tattoos and a beard.”

It’s also filled with some cracking one liners from said cousin. The eldest daughter of Aleo’s first character, Shea Adler, Shelli.

I was given a free Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) of this book in return for an honest review. Here you’ll find that review.

Chandler Moon was in love. He’d always been in love with her. The trouble was he was in love with the one woman who was off limits. His best friends little sister. Amelia Justice.

Something I love about Toni’s books is that along with a charming, handsome and charismatic lead man comes an equally wonderful female counterpart – with the exception of her first foray into male on male, Two Man Advantage. Amelia Justice is a strong woman. She is her own woman and at times I found myself verbally willing her to not be so stubborn. I got behind the character 100% and I only wanted the best for her, whatever that may be. She’s wilful and determined and knows what she wants and what she doesn’t. Toni writes with a style that is easy to digest but doesn’t shy away from topics some writers may avoid.

I simply couldn’t put it down. I read both this novel and her prequel ‘How we fell in love’ in the same day. Both made me laugh out loud and sob into my hanky in equal measure. Ms. Aleo knows how to take her readers on an emotional roller-coaster and boy does this book do that, by touching on her own experiences it makes the story and the characters so realistic that you truly forget that it’s a work of fiction. It touches on domestic violence, alcoholism and drug addiction, the pain of losing a loved one to cancer and everything else that comes with that kind of a situation. To those who are affected by any of the above topics, I implore you to read this book still, it’s touching and sweet and as with all of Ms. Aleo’s books, it all comes good in the end.

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