Steel Curtain: Steelkings to host International opponents, will compete for Kings Cup

Sheffield Steelkings host International opposition for the first time on February 10th, as they welcome HCCA Dahu 63, from Clermont-Ferrand to IceSheffield. The teams will be competing in the first ever Kings Cup.

Steelkings Chairman Jake Oakley with the Kings Cup

“We are so excited for our first ever international friendly. HCCA Dahu will be the first team to take part in the Kings Cup and we are really looking forward to putting on a great show for everyone,” said Steelkings Chairman Jake Oakley. While the Kings Cup is a one-off game for now, the intention is to bring it back year-on-year and possibly expand the field, as Oakley continues: “We are very proud to be growing the sport of para ice hockey here at the Steelkings and cannot wait to start creating a lasting legacy with this competition.

“Everyone at the Sheffield Steelkings are very excited that we can finally announce this fixture against our friends from France. We’ve been working on the details since late summer and we can’t wait to face them now.”

HCCA Dahu chairman, Gillian Gorny also added: “We can’t wait to play against the Steelkings! It will be a great trip and one to remember.”

The Kings Cup and mini trophy

The advent of the Kings Cup is the result of a partnership with Portland Trophies; who have kindly supplied both the main trophy which will remain the property of the Steelkings; and a mini trophy which Dahu will take back to France as a memento of their involvement. The lasting legacy of the partnership means that future teams who compete in the Kings Cup will receive a miniature as a record of their competition.

As always, this game will be completely free to all spectators as the Steelkings looked to defend the Kingdom and win the Kings Cup.

Sheffield Steelkings vs. HCCA Dahu 63 for the Kings Cup takes place on 10th February 2019 at IceSheffield. The fun begins at 18:00.

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