Lightning Owners Reassure Fans

Let’s face it. This season hasn’t gone to plan for the Milton Keynes Lightning. The results just were not going their way and the bag full of points…well, it’s just not full.

Fans have been complaining for some time about the lack of information being provided by the club about the likelihood of new signings or replacements for players that left the club. Things have been deafeningly silent. Until today.

The Lightning owners have set out to reassure their loyal fans. In the recent press release on the club’s website, Graham and Monica Moody have told fans that preparations for next season are their main focus. With the club currently sitting bottom if the EIHL table, the chance of making the playoffs are ever slipping away. It

Milton Keynes Lightning – Photo Credit: Tony Sargent

has been addressed that the opportunity for playoff hockey in Milton Keynes this season are highly unlikely, so the focus is being put forward for next season instead. A wise decision.

After the departure of Doug McKay earlier in the season, coaching duties fell to players Tim Wallace and Ryan Lannon. In the same press release, the Moodys have said the Lannon has since taken a step back from coaching which leaves Wallace with that sole responsibility. It’s been no secret that Lightning fans are loving Wallace at the helm and many have expressed their desires to keep him in charge for the 2019/20 season, especially as he has announced that he and his fiancée are expecting a child in the summer. Much to the joy of the “Barmy Army”, the press release has stated that talks with Wallace are at “an advanced stage”.

This reassuring news from the Lightning should help simmer down the Negative Nellies and create some more positivity around the fan base. For now though, it will be business as normal for the team as they continue to try and cause a bit of upset in their remaining league fixtures.

The full press release can be read here

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