~ Hazel ~


I graduated from The University of Northampton in the summer of 2011 with a (BA) Media Studies degree. In this degree we covered many aspects of the the history of the media, photography and editing. I’ve always enjoyed creative writing and photography.

I am an avid ice hockey fan, wife and mother to a nearly 4 year old girl and I’ve been known to bake up a mean cake or two if asked nicely!

I first became interested in hockey in December 2014, through an online community I was apart of and I quickly found my true team in the Washington Capitals. Whether it was watching some of the most amazing saves from Braden Holtby or the phenomenal skills of Alex Ovechkin, Evgeny Kuznetsov and Nick Backstrom I was hooked. I’d listen to every single game I possibly could, soon finding out I could get some games on TV here in the UK and running with it. I’m quite often still awake in the early hours of the morning cheering on the boys in red, white and blue.

Fast forward to 2/9/2015 and I took my seat glass-side at Sheffield Arena to see the Sheffield Steelers take on the Frolunda Indians and even though the Steelers lost I was completely swept up in the atmosphere of the game is come to love so much in my home country. That game was the point at which life changed for me. I’d found something I was truly passionate about and I’ve not looked back since.

My dream job now would be to work within the media of a club. I currently write for the Coventry Blaze OnFire magazine, specifically dealing with the away player interviews every month. This is allowing me to build strong and lasting relationships with many of the Elite League clubs and keeping lines of communication open for follow up interviews in the future. I have recently begun writing for British Ice Hockey, but my main focus is Chasing The Puck and securing the best material possible for OnFire.

This blog [Chasing The Puck] is hopefully a good indication of what I can do.


~ Aimee ~

A sixth former within the West Coventry Sixth Form, I spend the majority of my time working toward my goal of attending university to study some form of history, the ultimate aim being Anglo-Saxon and Viking history, but anything would make me happy in the end. I would love to be a part of PR or marketing in the long run, working with a hockey team being the main focus point.

I am currently studying media studies, English literature, history and philosophy & ethics. Outside of that, I am pretty much your average, 5’11, blonde haired geek. A complete history buff and a total Marvel nerd with hockey thrown in to top it all off. An avid photographer and a constant writer, I spend very little time (voluntarily) away from my laptop.

In my spare time, what little there is, I play and coach ice hockey. First finding my love for hockey at the age of about seven after attending a Coventry Blaze game with my family. I spent the following years going to as many games as possible, but as a kid that wasn’t exactly easy. It wasn’t until 2013 that I finally managed to get myself to a Great Britain vs Netherlands game at the Skydome. That was when I decided that I wanted to be on the ice.

I spent the next two months teaching myself to skate, in the dangerous ‘death wellies’. Following that I spent £20 on my first pair of Bauer skates. The crappiest pair of skates that you had ever seen, but they got me far. Luckily, with the friends I already had, I found myself joining two LTPs (Learn to Plays) with two different teams. One being a female team, and the other being a rec team. From there it only went up, training with the female team for almost a year until I moved to the junior Solihull Barons. That was where I met the man that would help, practically force, me into becoming a level one coach. I now owe everything to him. Now, I coach the U9s and U11s of the Coventry Blaze Academy. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

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