Aimee Hollingsworth

A sixth former within the West Coventry Sixth Form, I spend the majority of my time working toward my goal of attending university to study some form of history, the ultimate aim being Anglo-Saxon and Viking history, but anything would make me happy in the end. I would love to be a part of PR or marketing in the long run, working with a hockey team being the main focus point.

I am currently studying media studies, English literature, history and philosophy & ethics. Outside of that, I am pretty much your average, 5’11, blonde haired geek. A complete history buff and a total Marvel nerd with hockey thrown in to top it all off. An avid photographer and a constant writer, I spend very little time (voluntarily) away from my laptop.

In my spare time, what little there is, I play and coach ice hockey. First finding my love for hockey at the age of about seven after attending a Coventry Blaze game with my family. I spent the following years going to as many games as possible, but as a kid that wasn’t exactly easy. It wasn’t until 2013 that I finally managed to get myself to a Great Britain vs Netherlands game at the Skydome. That was when I decided that I wanted to be on the ice.

I spent the next two months teaching myself to skate, in the dangerous ‘death wellies’. Following that I spent £20 on my first pair of Bauer skates. The crappiest pair of skates that you had ever seen, but they got me far. Luckily, with the friends I already had, I found myself joining two LTPs (Learn to Plays) with two different teams. One being a female team, and the other being a rec team. From there it only went up, training with the female team for almost a year until I moved to the junior Solihull Barons. That was where I met the man that would help, practically force, me into becoming a level one coach. I now owe everything to him. Now, I coach the U9s and U11s of the Coventry Blaze Academy. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Twitter: @AimeeHollie09

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