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Rookie Guide: Explaining Ice Hockey – FAQs

As soon as the hoards of Ice Hockey Fans dust off their jerseys and get their winter clothes out, the curious come out to start asking questions. Either interested, or just stuck for conversation….

So here is a handy guide for those new to the sport to answer, or confuse those asking!

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The Blaze – Reignited

The Coventry Blaze ‘Meet The Players’ night on Thursday 23rd gave a fascinating insight into the team for the upcoming season.

It has been a year and one day since the last team took up their sharpies and spent the evening crammed into Crosbys bar at the Skydome. Whilst in many respects, the evening was the same, but there was something different this year.

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Trey Lewis Signs for Blaze

Trey lewis - Herald Sports CA
Trey Lewis during his time at St. Francis Xavier University team – AKA The X-Men. Picture: Herald Sport Ca

Blaze fans finally have something to be excited about – after a very quiet spell on the signing news front – the Coventry Blaze have announced a new signing. 

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