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Last minute Christmas shopping

As the festive shoppers brave the cold to rush around high streets and market stalls, we take a quick look through the list of current free agents that have recent Elite League experience. The names on his list might have a few front office’s tempted to shuffle the deck or bolster the ranks before the hectic New Year schedule… Continue reading Last minute Christmas shopping

Young Brits Abroad…is this the answer or the problem?

The largely splintered and fractious nature of the junior system’s within British ice hockey has seen the majority of the most talented youngsters leave for foreign programmes, especially in recent times. Which leaves plenty to question, is allowing the most talented youngsters to leave the answer for the British game or does the trend highlight the lack of development available in our junior system’s? Continue reading Young Brits Abroad…is this the answer or the problem?

Breaking News: Medvescak Zagreb to go bust!

After the Erste Bank Eishockey Liga officials today confirmed no bailout would be coming for the financially stricken Croatian outfit Medvescak Zagreb, a few familiar faces could well be returning to the EIHL, just in time for Christmas. The full list of players with EIHL experience is below! Somebody start up the rumour mill already… Continue reading Breaking News: Medvescak Zagreb to go bust!

The old school hockey way

When young Brit, Declan Balmer bravely dropped the gloves with Panthers captain Guillaume Lepine the Shelter instantly believed again. The midweek comments made by Ryan Finnerty “we will work our way out of this [losing streak] the old school way” evidently had an impact on the blueliner, whose effort clearly boosted the home bench. By the time Balmer returned to the ice Storm had scored twice and the home fans were buoyant. In a hugely entertaining encounter, which was witnessed by a significantly larger crowd than in midweek (kudos to the Panthers travelling supporter who filled at least two blocks), Storm’s losing streak came to an abrupt end.

Continue reading The old school hockey way

Finnerty’s Firing Squad…predicting who’s next

Following an impressive midweek performance from the Dundee Stars against the table topping Belfast Giants, they leapfrogged Manchester into 9th place (joint 8th in terms of points) which may well have set a few more alarm bells ringing in the Northern home of sport. Recent performances have lead to Finnerty running out of patience with the likes of Dylan Anderson & Brendan Brooks, whilst opting to bring in the big body of Chance Braid. This article will assess the performances of Manchester Storm’s forward group on an individual basis and predict who could be next for the chopping block if results don’t improve. Continue reading Finnerty’s Firing Squad…predicting who’s next

Bah Humbug in the Shelter

A clinical road performance from the Nottingham Panthers helped maintain the frosty feelings in Altrincham. Despite the early pressure applied by the hosts, six unanswered goals all but secured the visitors a deserved place in the semi-finals. The words of coach Finnerty could still be ringing in the Storm players ears after this home effort… Continue reading Bah Humbug in the Shelter

One timeout and two points squandered

An equalising goal from Danick Gauthier, with just 50 seconds left in the game, would ultimately cost Manchester the chance for a first win since November 17th. The overall matchplay was a significant drop-off in quality, compared with last week’s enthralling home encounter with Cardiff, as Fife were more than happy to sit-back and absorb the Storm attacks. The decision to play a cagey road-game was vindicated in overtime as the two points headed back to the Kingdom and ensured the looming sense of acrimony in Altrincham would remain for a while longer. Continue reading One timeout and two points squandered