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Coyotes take Hossa……sort of!


In a move that has become somewhat of a hallmark for the Chayka era Coyotes the team from Arizona used one of their unique abilities in this salary cap era to make a deal using their cap space, while not actually increasing their salary too much.

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The Sands are Changing in Arizona

The Arizona Coyotes have been under the hockey microscope for all the wrong reasons for a long time, who can forget the failed ownership groups, being run by the league for a number of years and, the fallouts with the City of Glendale. Recent events in the desert have shown things are beginning to turn around, the past few season off the ice have seen a new ownership group provide stability, on the ice, after a change in Coach, GM and the release of the old guard, after a poor season and a half, the Coyotes are on the upward curve.

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