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Craig Douglas | Relearning to Fly

Craig Douglas hasn’t stepped onto the ice for the Fife Flyers yet this season, but what some might not know is that he is on a two-way deal with the team while focusing on getting back to the top flight with the Kirkcaldy Kestrels.

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Guildford Flames – December Review

It’s the halfway point and the Guildford Flames go into 2019 with their first ever EIHL semi-final to look forward to! But however you dress it up, it’s been a rough December which has separated the best from the rest, and unfortunately, the Flames have fallen into the latter category.

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Behind The Bench – Evan Janssen

So we have made it to the 9th edition of Behind The Bench, and just in time for Christmas as promised! For the final interview from the bowling night you will need to turn up the volume because rather than just writing, the best part of the interview will be audio!

This mini bowling series seems to have gone on forever, but this really was the very last interview of the evening after most people had left. In fact, just the best friend duo of Evan Ritt and Evan Janssen remained out of the players. Janny was more than happy to come and chat and it seemed silly to not have his partner in crime join us at the table.

Now, several people will have already heard this interview because whereas before the interviews were quite low-key, all eyes were now on the table. With a small crowd gathered around, Janny & Ritt were more than happy to entertain us all!

Janssen and Ritt Guildford Flames Interview 3
Ritt & Janny facing some tough questions from CTP

Name? Evan Janssen

Age? 25

Position? Left wing

NHL team? Chicago Blackhawks

Hockey hero? Uhhhh…

Ritt: “Jim Montgomery?”

Janssen: “Yeah, Jimmy Montgomery”

Favourite UK rink (apart from the Spectrum!)? I’d have to say Sheffield… Yeah, it’s a nice rink

Mike: “What do you like about Sheffield?”

Janssen: “It’s a cool atmosphere, they get a big crowd and the rink is pretty nice, it’s a lot bigger”

Hidden talent/hockey party trick? Dancing. Next question!

Superstitions? Nope

Favourite actor? Chris Pratt

Ritt: (Laughing) “Ed Sheeran?”

Janssen: “No…. Chris and I are twins”

Ritt: “No no, I think Ed Sheeran’s more like it!”

Janssen: “I don’t know who Ed is”

Ritt: “He really likes Ed more!”

Janssen: “He’s not an actor!”

Ritt: “He’s a performer”

Janssen: “I’ve never heard of him”

Jansson Comparison
The 3 faces of Janny… A new ‘Triplets’ line for the Flames maybe?

Who is the dressing room prankster? “We really don’t do any… Have we?”

Ritt: “I said Benny or Willsy”

Janssen: “They’re just always after eachother”

Favourite band? Kygo!

Ritt: “Ed Sheeran!”

Janssen: “I don’t know who Ed Sheeran is”

Ritt: “He looks exactly like him”

Janssen: “No! I have no idea who he is. No clue”

Ritt: “He really likes the comparison but he’s being modest right now”

Janssen: “HATE the comparison”

Fan: “So you just need to colour your hair ginger?”

Ritt: “Yes! Absolutely”

Janssen: “No! I don’t have any ginger in me, I look nothing like him! Now Chris Pratt – We can talk”

Ritt: “No I don’t see it!”

Fan: “That’s been said around the rink a lot. Even if they don’t know his name, they say the dude from Jurassic Park”

Janssen: “Really? See! I’m not lying”

Sheeran Gritty
If Janny looks like Sheeran and Sheeran looks like Gritty, then…. ?!

BONUS QUESTION: What’s your favourite dinosaur? Well, the Tyrannosaurus rex! Duh! Who doesn’t like that?!

Who’s the messiest in the changing room? Well, I just have to go with my stallmate – He always puts his stuff on my stall.

Ritt: “That’s funny, I said the same about you!”

Janssen: “I’ve always gotta move everything back over to his so I can open my stuff. It’s super annoying. I don’t ever say anything, I try to be a good guy about it”

Most memorable hockey moment to date? Winning the national championship in college

Your most embarrassing moment? Well I got beat by a girl tonight in bowling. That was a pretty hard hit to the ego

Mike: “And so did you”

Ritt: “Yeah, I got beat by several”

Favourite dressing room prank? I like to fill up a stick with water, then put the plug back in it

And for the final question from the bowling night – Turn up your volume because you need to hear this big reveal from the man himself!

And that was that!

A big thanks to Janny and Ritt, plus all the Flames players who have taken time to speak to CTP this year.

And thank you all for reading. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed the series so far and with a bit of luck, we’ll be back next year with more from the team!

On behalf of all of us at Chasing The Puck, we hope you have a wonderful Christmas and look forward to seeing you at a game soon.

Behind The Bench – Evan Ritt

For the second time this week, we are back with another #BTB interview! Which is great news for all who like these Flames player interviews, but bad news for me as my bowling night material has nearly run out and I’m going to have to track down more players… Which isn’t easy when your always with a toddler when at the rink.

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Behind The Bench – Calle Ackered

With Christmas just around the corner, we here at Chasing The Puck are giving Flames fans the gift of THREE #BTB interviews all before Christmas! (And yes, I did just come up with my own jazzy hashtag!) Oh, and an update from last week’s interview – Baldwin hasn’t hunted me down so I’m guessing I must be in the clear!

Continuing on from last week, the bowling evening was drawing to a close and many players had sneaked out. Luckily, three players still remained – Only issue was they were all being mobbed.

One of these players was ready to go with his coat on, but he’s just far too nice to walk away from the fans who wanted selfies or a quick chat. And I’ll admit – I used this to my advantage, BUT… I did it for all of you!! As he went to walk by I asked if he could spare 2 minutes for an interview and without a second thought he immediately agreed and came to sit down.

Calle Ackered is a man of the people and it is no surprise whatsoever that he is adored by the Flames fans.

Calle Ackered Guildford Flames Interview
Once again my tag-along photographer took this picture. I did consider using her selfie she took with Calle, but it’s got those silly Snapchat filters on and I would hate to lower the tone of these articles and come across as unprofessional…

Name? Calle Ackered

Age? 27 years old

Position? I’m a D man

NHL team? New York Rangers

Hockey hero? Big hockey hero is probably Nick Lidström

Favourite UK rink (apart from the Spectrum!)? Spectrum definitely and Belfast

Hidden talent/hockey party trick? Ooooh…. I’m very good at beer pong

Superstitions? I start with my left side all the time, pads, skates and everything. I don’t know if it’s really a superstition but I always do it

Favourite actor? Leonardo DiCaprio

Who is the dressing room prankster? Oooo… I don’t know if we have a prankster but a guy who talks a lot is John Dunbar and also TJ Foster is pretty funny. He’s not a prankster but he talks so much, he’s chirping guys

Favourite band? Coldplay

Who’s the messiest in the changing room? *Long pause* CC (Chris Carrozzi)

Most memorable hockey moment to date? When I did my debut in the Swedish national junior team. That was pretty cool

Your most embarrassing moment? I forgot my skate guards were on when I was younger and fell down like Bambi during the intro!

Favourite dressing room prank? Loosening the water bottle lid

What would you do if you didn’t play hockey? I would probably be an actor… No, just kidding! I don’t know. I would love to be an actor though!

Thanks Calle!

So now 2 remain…

The Flying D man

Ladies and gentlemen, in this article I wanted to consider a player who in our elite years has played fantastic hockey, is a great pro, a great guy in general and loved by both the fans and his team mates? Yes that’s right, number 7 Derek Keller.

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Behind The Bench – Corbin Baldwin

Episode 6 of Behind the Bench is here! And as I said last week, this interview is kinda festive despite being recorded a little while ago now at the Flames bowling night. By festive, I don’t mean that any of the players broke into a chorus of Jingle Bells, but thanks to the wonders of beer, we did get a bit of a Bad Santa impression!

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