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Two Minutes | With Ben O’Connor

Defenseman Ben O’Connor has an impressive career behind him. He moved to the USA to live with his uncle and improve and hone his craft. He has also played a season in France and further afield in Kazakhstan and was called up to the squad for team GB this year for the 9th time since first playing for them in the 2004-2005 season in the World Junior Championships.

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A Tale of Two; The Backup and The Beast

When Braden Holtby became a restricted free agent in summer last year, there were mixed reactions among the fans. He had called for an arbitration hearing in order to negotiate a contract he felt he deserved. Was he worth the money he was asking? 

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Who runs the World? Girls! 

With the Team GB lads making a great first showing in the Olympic qualifiers in Cortina, beating the Dutch 6-5, it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t mention that our GB ladies are also in competition this weekend! 
Taking up residence at Ice Sheffield this weekend the ladies are playing their second game as we speak. Currently down 1-0 to The Netherlands. 

Their first game yesterday, saw the Lioness’ goaltender Nicole Jackson deny 18 shots for a shut out victory of 3-0 over The Netherlands. 

Come on girls! We’re all behind you hear at Chasing The Puck! 

Photo credit: @manthabolwell on Twitter 

Post Game with Thompson & Desbiens

So the game didn’t quite go our way… It’s been the best performance by the Steelers against the Blaze all season. I mean, I know I wasn’t the only one sat in the away end hoping for a small reprieve. If only, for one more goal from the Steelers. The men who made us proud to wear our jerseys.

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