An Alternate History – Eric Lindros

Whenever you think of hockey in the 1990’s, there are a few things that come to mind. The style of play was different, being generally slower and more physical, known as the “Clutch and Grab” era due to the lax rules the era was known for. Goaltending was not as effective as it is now as well. It was not unusual for goalies to post sub .900 save percentages, and the technique used by goalies was not as uniform as it is today.

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Jiri Czechs in

One more piece of the jigsaw in place, and a new defenceman for the Sheffield Steelers as Czech stay-at-home D-man Jiri Gula arrives at the House of Steel. That leaves just one more spot on the blue line and three forwards left to complete the roster for the upcoming season.

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My NHL 18 Career Game: Episode One – the CHL experience


Welcome to another little series I’m going to update from time to time. We’ve all played some kind of hockey game in our lifetimes haven’t we? Whether it be the EA Sports NHL console games, or PC simulations such as Eastside Hockey Manager and Franchise Hockey Manager.

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