Team GB Named | EIHL Put In a Great Showing

Head coach Pete Russell has named his team for the Olympic qualifiers and seven of the ten EIHL teams have a representative.

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Mobile Photography | Apps I can’t live without! 

You’ve seen all those beautiful photographs on Instagram right? You know those gorgeous photos of food, or coffee or pets… Or  the amazingly beautiful selfies? How can you take photos like that? Take a look at these handy free apps for your phone to improve the quality of your pictures. It’s really not as hard as it looks, trust me!

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EIHL | The UK’s elite for Ice Hockey

Photo Source: Chesterfield Post

Welcome to the UK and the home of the Elite Ice Hockey League (EIHL), the league currently comprises of ten teams based across the UK, in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. 

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NHL | Ovechkin hits the milestone 500!


It’s 12am, 11/1/2016 and I’m primed and ready to watch my second game of the weekend. Since it’s a home game I’ve been sporting my home jersey, since you know… They haven’t lost when I’ve worn it on the day and hey, it’s a hockey thing, those who know will understand.  The puck drops and play begins. Ovechkin makes a shot on goal within the first minute of play and I like everyone else around the world watching are hoping and praying it goes in. For the next goal off the stick of the Washington Capitals Captain will be the milestone goal.

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Travel | Germany & Poland 2015

I’ve always said I wanted to live in Germany, anyone who knows me knows I call it my spiritual home. When I flew to Berlin for my 21st birthday, watching out of the window as the buildings and roads came into view on landing I felt an overwhelming sense of I’m home, so much so I cried and that leaving, even then, was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.


I knew I wanted to return one day and one day soon if I had the chance. That happened this year for my 26th birthday, almost 5 years had passed and landing at Berlin Schonefeld, it felt just the same, as if I’d never left.

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Family | It’s been a year??


Going to buy her new big girl car seat. So grown up, I can’t believe she’s nearly 3!
I have severely neglected this blog, it’s been almost a year since I last posted anything of any real substance here and for that I apologise. A lot has changed this year, although at the same time so much is just the same.

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Advice & Self-help | For your future self


I see people sharing inspirational quotes like this all the time. I’m the sort to scroll past them most often and even more likely to not even read what they say.

So why? You might ask did I choose to read this one, save it and then repost it here? Well I’ve not had a good week recently and this quote reminded me that even when I want to do nothing but lay on the sofa and sleep, I am strong enough to face what life has thrown at me.
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Fashion | Getting to know: Briaen


Jam-packed schedules are something that busy models have to contend with. Little sleep and constant jet-setting is often part of the lifestyle. This makes getting an interview somewhat difficult. However, for me it’s 3am and I’ve managed to track Briaen down in San Francisco Airport while he’s waiting for a connecting flight to LA to get home again after another crazy week in his life.

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Advice | Thank you for reminding me


I was asked recently why I do what I do when interviewing people because I don’t work for a magazine or a newspaper or any “real” publication. It wasn’t something I’d actually been asked before by anyone and it made me think. Continue reading Advice | Thank you for reminding me

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