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Liam Kirk invited to Coyotes training camp

The Arizona Coyotes announced 22-players from their recent rookie camp who have been extended invitations to the main squads training camp that gets underway on Friday, and Liam Kirk is one of them.

The seventh round selection in this years NHL Draft has had well documented hype around him since becoming the first British born and trained player ever taken in the draft, and his attendance at the NHL teams training camp is just another huge step forward as he begins his career across the pond.

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Liam Kirk and the Arizona Coyotes preparing for Vegas Rookie Faceoff

Liam Kirk will be attending the Arizona Coyotes rookie training camp this month, also representing the Coyotes at a rookie tournament in Las Vegas.

Kirk, who was a seventh round pick of the Coyotes in this summers draft, will fly out to Las Vegas for a three-day tournament against the prospects of the Vegas Golden Knights, San Jose Sharks, Anaheim Ducks, Los Angeles Kings and Colorado Avalanche.

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Coyotes take Hossa……sort of!


In a move that has become somewhat of a hallmark for the Chayka era Coyotes the team from Arizona used one of their unique abilities in this salary cap era to make a deal using their cap space, while not actually increasing their salary too much.

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Hossá La Vista Baby


Every team has a player that is always there, one player that goes into each season and just puts in work. A player that doesn’t need the overwhelming adulation of the fans or praise from the media, they just get on the ice and they do their job no matter what.

Marian Hossá is one of those men.

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The Sands are Changing in Arizona

The Arizona Coyotes have been under the hockey microscope for all the wrong reasons for a long time, who can forget the failed ownership groups, being run by the league for a number of years and, the fallouts with the City of Glendale. Recent events in the desert have shown things are beginning to turn around, the past few season off the ice have seen a new ownership group provide stability, on the ice, after a change in Coach, GM and the release of the old guard, after a poor season and a half, the Coyotes are on the upward curve.

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Did Arizona waste the fifth overall pick?

Credit: Michael Ainsworth/AP Photo

Right okay, the drafts done so now we can say who had a great and who had an awful draft before these kids have even hit the ice.

It sounds unfair but it’s what hockey fans want so it’s what hockey fans get, the days after the draft are either full of hype or full of character assassination, you’ll have to find out where this post falls by reading on further.

Arizona, you had the fifth pick, Filip Zadina was available when nobody expected him to be, so with the fifth overall selection the Arizona Coyotes select…Barrett Hayton?

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