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Behind The Bench – Calle Ackered

With Christmas just around the corner, we here at Chasing The Puck are giving Flames fans the gift of THREE #BTB interviews all before Christmas! (And yes, I did just come up with my own jazzy hashtag!) Oh, and an update from last week’s interview – Baldwin hasn’t hunted me down so I’m guessing I must be in the clear!

Continuing on from last week, the bowling evening was drawing to a close and many players had sneaked out. Luckily, three players still remained – Only issue was they were all being mobbed.

One of these players was ready to go with his coat on, but he’s just far too nice to walk away from the fans who wanted selfies or a quick chat. And I’ll admit – I used this to my advantage, BUT… I did it for all of you!! As he went to walk by I asked if he could spare 2 minutes for an interview and without a second thought he immediately agreed and came to sit down.

Calle Ackered is a man of the people and it is no surprise whatsoever that he is adored by the Flames fans.

Calle Ackered Guildford Flames Interview
Once again my tag-along photographer took this picture. I did consider using her selfie she took with Calle, but it’s got those silly Snapchat filters on and I would hate to lower the tone of these articles and come across as unprofessional…

Name? Calle Ackered

Age? 27 years old

Position? I’m a D man

NHL team? New York Rangers

Hockey hero? Big hockey hero is probably Nick Lidström

Favourite UK rink (apart from the Spectrum!)? Spectrum definitely and Belfast

Hidden talent/hockey party trick? Ooooh…. I’m very good at beer pong

Superstitions? I start with my left side all the time, pads, skates and everything. I don’t know if it’s really a superstition but I always do it

Favourite actor? Leonardo DiCaprio

Who is the dressing room prankster? Oooo… I don’t know if we have a prankster but a guy who talks a lot is John Dunbar and also TJ Foster is pretty funny. He’s not a prankster but he talks so much, he’s chirping guys

Favourite band? Coldplay

Who’s the messiest in the changing room? *Long pause* CC (Chris Carrozzi)

Most memorable hockey moment to date? When I did my debut in the Swedish national junior team. That was pretty cool

Your most embarrassing moment? I forgot my skate guards were on when I was younger and fell down like Bambi during the intro!

Favourite dressing room prank? Loosening the water bottle lid

What would you do if you didn’t play hockey? I would probably be an actor… No, just kidding! I don’t know. I would love to be an actor though!

Thanks Calle!

So now 2 remain…

Behind The Bench – Jez Lundin

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Behind The Bench – Kevin King

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