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Do the Cardiff Devils need an extra defenseman?

One of the biggest questions you’ll hear around Cardiff Devils fans lately is “why aren’t there more seats in the bar?”. 

Not really, the real hot topic is regarding players, and whether or not the Devils will be bringing in an extra body on defense any time soon.

Since Tom Parisi did a U-Turn and left the team before even suiting up for a game, it has been a question I’ve heard a couple of times.

But even with a guy like Parisi who came in with a lot of potential to be a game-changer, do the Devils need to go out and replace him?

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Commentators Curse – Cardiff Devils V Dundee Stars

Each week (or at least after every Cardiff Devils home game) I’m going to highlight a few things I noticed while commentating on the game.

In the first edition of this I’ll be looking at the Cardiff Devils 5 – 2 victory over the Dundee Stars from this past weekend, so with little need of a longer intro, let’s just get into it.

  • Dundee are not a bottom half of the table team

It’s early days in the league so for anyone getting carried away with where your team is in the standings right now, stop it.

That being said I’m going to explain why Dundee shouldn’t be where they are right now…hypocrisy at it’s very best.

The team I saw skate out at Ice Arena Wales on Saturday night looked like a dangerous outfit. Omar Pacha has put together are highly committed and highly energetic team that plays a full 60 minutes no matter what the scoreline.

If you look at previous results (and the result from the following night on Sunday) Dundee have lost five games in either a shootout or overtime. They keep score lines as close as they can, and if they could just get over the finish line first (or in this case goal line) in overtime, think about where they would be. Five dropped points from five extra sessions, if you flip it so Dundee picked up those points they’d be tied with the Giants and Devils for third place in the league right now.

Those extra points could come in handy down the stretch, and it’s only a matter of time until they rack up more regulation wins

  • Lukas Lundvald is unreal

To be honest you probably know this already, but what a talent Lukas Lundvald is. The sheer determination of the guy, mixed with his lightning quick speed and great hands just makes him a lethal threat. Not to mention he did leave the game for a little bit in the first period with what looked like a shoulder injury, but didn’t miss a shift and came back out as though nothing happened, in fact he was better after the knock.

He was an absolute steal by the Stars midway through last year and you don’t need me to tell you how great he was for them last year.

I think he’s better this year. He’s got a full training camp in with the team and he’s settled more, and it was hard for me to look at the ice and not spot him out there. His goal was just pinpoint, and I’m convinced it was only reviewed so the referees could enjoy it before carrying on with the game. He’s a game changer, and may be one of the fastest guys in the league.

Next time you watch Dundee, whether it’s in a rink or on their stream, he’ll catch your eye, and you won’t be able to look away.

  • Ben Blood has great hands for more than just fighting

I’d 100% forgive you if you looked at Ben Blood on your favourite stats site before the season and saw low numbers in the points column and high numbers in the PIMs column and thought the Devils got themselves an enforcer.

Yeah they do…Mark Louis. Ben Blood can hold his own for sure, but he’s not once needed to showcase that side of his game. He’s great with his hands for throwing knuckles, but you need to pay more attention to when he’s handling the puck.

Not only has his skating surprised the hell out of me for a guy of his size, he’s smart on the puck, can generate offence out of seemingly nothing, and you saw that highlighted perfectly on the Devils third goal. With the puck along the boards and with a few guys around him, Blood was able to create space for himself to get the outlet pass up to Charles Linglet, and if you’re open and Linglet is on the puck, he’s always going to find you and he did to set up Mike Hedden for the go ahead goal, but that entire play doesn’t happen if it wasn’t for Blood managing to open the ice up in the first place.

  • Jordan Cownie wants a seat on the plane for the World Championships

It may be some time away until Team GB head out to Slovakia for the World Championships against the worlds best teams, but Jordan Cownie is laying down a challenge for a seat already. He’s in his second full year in the EIHL and after an impressive rookie campaign, his value has skyrocketed with his start to the year. He started on the top line for the Stars and for a 23-year-old Brit with just one full year of experience in this league that’s impressive itself.

He nearly managed to pull of a potential highlight reel goal against Ben Bowns (more on that later) and the maturity he showed on the ice transcends what you would be allowed to say is limited experience at this level. Yes he’s a proven performer in the old EPIHL, but keep your eye on Cownie going forward, he’s going to be a threat every time he’s on the ice and I’m excited to see how his career progresses.

  • Ben Bowns is part cat

If you follow him on social media you’ll see that he’s definitely more of a dog person, but some of the reactionary saves Bowns is able to make are just cat like.

That stop on Jordan Cownie is impressive yes, but to be honest week in week out it seems we’re seeing something similar with Bowns. To be able recover while his bodies going one way, to stop Jordan Cownie who’s going the other is just unreal, but honestly it’s becoming almost normal for him to do something like that lately.

Featured image: CardiffDevils.com

Cardiff Devils face tougher test than last year in their CHL campaign

The Cardiff Devils kick off their Champions Hockey League campaign tonight with a visit from Austrian side Red Bull Salzburg, and after the mixed results from last years CHL season, the Devils will be hoping to get off to a better start on home ice.

Last season the Devils made the trip to one of the nicest arena’s in all of Ice Hockey but didn’t leave with that great of a memory. A huge 10 – 1 loss to Swiss side HC Davos to open the campaign, and another loss followed in the Czech Republic against Bili Tygri Liberec, but from there the Devils looked to turn their fortunes around.

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Why the Cardiff Devils will win the league in 666 words

For the last few seasons, it’s been hard for teams across the EIHL to keep up with the Cardiff Devils, who at their worst have been maybe the second-best team in the country. Coming off their second straight league title, the Devils are gearing up for the three-peat, and they’re going to have a great chance at it by the end of the season.

One of the biggest themes of the Andrew Lord era of the Cardiff Devils is how many familiar faces are in the locker-room each year, and that’s the same this year. Only four new faces are in the line-up, and each bring their own qualities that only improve on last-years already strong squad.

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Devils fans can relax with latest signings

So, apparently National Best Friends day is a thing, they’ll celebrate anything nowadays it seems.

But the Cardiff Devils used this day for good use, announcing the return of GB Number 1 Ben Bowns, as well as his trusted backup Thomas Murdy for the 2018/19 EIHL season.

The two British goalies have been partnered together in Cardiff for the past two seasons, while Bowns is entering his fifth year in the Welsh capital.

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Do Cardiff Devils fans need to worry this offseason…?

With just five guys confirmed on the Cardiff Devils roster for 2018/19, some fans are getting a little anxious about who the team may be losing or keeping, and some just want to know who’s signed right now.

But they do say good things come to those who wait, also, who’s to say the Devils have put pen to paper on any other contracts other than Craig Moore, Mark Richardson, Joey Haddad, Joey Martin and Matt Pope.

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