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Ovechkin & Holtby on the Jimmy Fallon show

Five days after winning the Stanley Cup, it touched down in New York City. Still attached to captain Alex Ovechkin and with Braden Holtby keeping a watch out.

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Braden Holtby doppelgänger found 

The goalie in question is actually Shane Owen of the Fife Flyers in the EIHL. 

Owen, 26, has also previously suited up for the Washington Capitals’ AHL team on loan from the South Carolina Stingrays, before coming to play for Fife in the summer of 2016. So there is a somewhat tenuous link between the Canadian netminders. 

Owens (at least from this angle) could be double for Braden Holtby. Photo taken by @hazelrayson

When I double take a netminder, you know there must be some resemblence. Especially when I double take someone for Holtby. 

I’m not going to apologise for something lighthearted and fun in the light of some recent controversies concerning the EIHL, someone needs to break the pattern. 

The game in which this photo was taken saw the Fife Flyers win in overtime, beating the Genting Casino Coventry Blaze. The final score was 4-3 to Fife. 

Have you come across any other doppelgängers in the hockey world? Send me a tweet @hazelrayson 

Feature photo from NovaCaps

A Tale of Two; The Backup and The Beast

When Braden Holtby became a restricted free agent in summer last year, there were mixed reactions among the fans. He had called for an arbitration hearing in order to negotiate a contract he felt he deserved. Was he worth the money he was asking? 

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