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The Blaze – Reignited

The Coventry Blaze ‘Meet The Players’ night on Thursday 23rd gave a fascinating insight into the team for the upcoming season.

It has been a year and one day since the last team took up their sharpies and spent the evening crammed into Crosbys bar at the Skydome. Whilst in many respects, the evening was the same, but there was something different this year.

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Danny Stewart on his return to the Coventry Blaze // Part One

It’s a Wednesday night at the Coventry Blaze Skydome. We’re settling down in Crosby’s bar for a meet and greet with our new coach. The bar is fairly full and everyone seems eager to hear what Danny Stewart has to say on his future with the Blaze. The pints are flowing and everyone seems in good spirits as I settle on the floor at the front to listen and capture the words of wisdom and encouragement that he is, without doubt going to heap on us in droves.

Within minutes, everyone is completely enraptured. The quiet and whispered conversations that had been going on have died off and all eyes and ears are on Danny, hanging on his every word.

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