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Relax. Zadina Isn’t a Bust

Cheering for a bad team is exhausting. Not just because the team itself is bad and it gets tiring to watch them fail the same way night after night with a few good games here and there to instill in you a false sense of hope, but because other fans can be way too pessimistic.

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2018 NHL Mock Draft – Round One

The best thing about doing mock drafts is how confident you are when you write them, and then how wrong you end up being.

That’s exactly why the mock draft you are reading right now has been deleted and started again several times.

I’ve always struggled outside the top three when it comes to my mock drafts, the only year I didn’t nail the top three was in 2016 when the Columbus Blue Jackets selected Pierre Luc Dubois with the third pick despite most predicting they’d take Jesse Puljujarvi.

After that, my track record isn’t great. So have a look at who I’ve projected to go where but after the first round is completed on June 22nd, please don’t point out my mistakes, I’ll be aware of them already.

Kevin Hoffman – Getty Images

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Svechnikov V Zadina, who should go second?

Source: Futureconsiderations.ca

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that when the 2018 NHL Draft gets underway next week, Rasmus Dahlin will be the first name off the board.

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