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Washington Re-Capitals: Week Seventeen

All Star Game weekend meant that I was proud of my hometown for a multitude of reasons, but mostly, I was proud of a former Norris winner and a current Norris candidate. And their last names both are (or sound like) Karlsson. 

The Capitals have lost seven games in a row, but, when they return from a well-deserved break on February 1st, they should do it with a little more vim and vigor. After a few players only meetings failed to break the skid, hopefully a break will. Who knows? Everything’s made of chaos and we all have to eat garbage occasionally. That’s just the way life is.

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Washington Re-Capitals: Week Sixteen

Four game losing streak! Four game losing streak! Four game losing streak! Four game losing streak!

While I freely admit that I’ve been busy with American football this week, the Capitals have helped me keep my attention on the pigskin by, well, sucking.

Tied in points with the Columbus Blue Jackets (fourth in the Eastern Conference), the Boston Bruins (sixth in the Eastern Conference), and the Montreal Canadiens (seventh in the Eastern Conference) at fifty-nine points, the Capitals have some serious ground to make up if they want to catch the New York Islanders (62 points) for first in the division or the Blue Jackets (59 points, +4 ROW) for second. Two games remain before the All Star Break — could the Capitals win either of them? Because both, given the team’s current state, seems like a little too big of an ask.

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Five and Out

A battling road performance from the Coventry Blaze saw them deservedly take two points back down the M6 and subsequently end Manchester Storm’s impressive five-game winning streak.  After a feisty encounter on Saturday in Coventry, the spectators were treated to a second entertaining match of the week on the small-ice surface.  Continue reading Five and Out

Washington Re-Capitals: Week Fifteen

Jakub Vrana, precious infant, is lighting up the NHL and we have no reason to believe he’ll stop any time soon. Everyone asked for consistency, and it was consistency that we got. While I love that Vrana’s basically a goal vending machine, a month and a half out from the February 25th trade deadline, Vrana’s success puts a lot of guillotine blades over a lot of heads (well, maybe just one very Swedish head). With Brian McLellan saying that he’s open to a player for player or salary for salary trade in the forward group before the trade deadline, it’s tough to imagine that the end of February might come and go without someone on the move.

Good thing January isn’t over yet, right?


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Flattering the Flyers

A dominating home performance from the Manchester Storm saw them secure only a second four-point weekend of the season, courtesy of some relentless forechecking pressure. The hosts outworked and outplayed the visiting Fife Flyers for large parts of the game and not many would dispute the result. In what was perhaps the most committed and determined effort from the Storm, a 7-4 scoreline was somewhat flattering for the Flyers, who benefited from three powerplay goals.

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Washington Re-Capitals: Week Fourteen

Brooks Orpik is back, and right on time, too — the Washington Capitals lost three of their four games this past week. The Curse Himself has had little impact beyond puzzling plays (usual), penalty minutes (expected), and general invisibility (par for the course), but we may see Siegenthaler returned from the Shadow Realm sooner than later. We are crossing all our crossables going into Week Fifteen — maybe the league known for needlessly sacrificing the careers of youngsters to prop up declining senior citizens will surprise us for once.

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Washington Re-Capitals: Week Thirteen

A lot of people like to claim the number thirteen is unlucky. There’s even a name for being afraid of the number thirteen: triskadekaphobia. But the Capitals, who went 2-0 this week, proved those people wrong. Thirteen may be unlucky for some, but for others– oh, what’s that? Brooks Orpik is coming back?

I guess it’s time to be afraid of fourteen now instead.

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