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NIHL: Is anybody EIHL ready? (Part 1)

Following the break-up of the EPIHL (the former second-tier) in British ice hockey, the NIHL has attempted to fill the void, with varying degrees of success. This article will canvas five of the best available young talents in the league and make a case for them to make the jump. Continue reading NIHL: Is anybody EIHL ready? (Part 1)

EIHL 12th Spot: Third time lucky in (Kingston upon) Hull?

When the Edinburgh Capitals confirmed they wouldn’t be returning for the 2018/9 EIHL season, many believed the Hull Pirates were the natural successor’s for the vacant 12th spot. However, after floating the idea at EIHL board level they decided to remain apart of the NIHL, for now. The management’s deferral has afforded the Pirates more time to assess their long-term options, in an attempt to avoid a repeat of the two failed ventures in British ice hockey’s top-tier. Yet, with a new ice rink reaching its completion in Leeds, time is no longer a friend for the Pirates and their EIHL bid. 

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Kevin Phillips Signs For Hull Pirates

The Hull Pirates have moved quickly to secure the services of Kevin Phillips following his departure from the Guildford Flames just 2 days ago.

Whilst Phillips would have had options to remain in the Elite League, the Beverly born defender has taken the decision to move back home and join his first ever junior club.

Kevin Phillips: “Getting to play back where it all started for me is huge. There’s no better feeling than icing in front of your home crowd, and there is no better home crowd than Hull! 

“Just to be clear, I am here to win, I believe that Hewitt has built a team that will win and I can’t wait to be a part of it”. 

Elite League Logo

With Hull expected to move up to the Elite League next season, the move comes as little shock. Already expected to pick up multiple trophies this season and with ambitions of the quadruple, Hull could be unstoppable with Kevin Phillips’ calibre and experience.

Pirates Head Coach Jason Hewitt: “For us to pick up someone of Kev’s calibre is huge. He gives us great experience on our D core and is a guy we will lean on to be a calm steady head back there for us”.


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Feature image credit – HullPirates.com